This plugin will give you the ability to create your own looting system. Set special loots for each mob with custom drop rates and amounts, loots only triggered under special conditions (when killed by a certain type of mob, or by death by drowning or burning). This plugin completely replaces the vanilla Minecraft drops system, and supports the Looting enchantment.

You will be able to set special drops to your liking for each mob type seperately. You can also have the loot to be like default Minecraft: all the items laying on the ground, or in a GUI as seen in many MMORPG games, such as RuneScape.

This plugin completely replaces the vanilla Minecraft drop system. The plugin supports the Looting enchantment, but I've only been able to create a close replication of the system that's in Minecraft, with slightly deviating percentages. This however will likely not be a noticeable difference. I will do my best to improve this as time goes on.

See the documentation on how to properly configure the plugin to your liking.


  • Set custom drops with configurable drop rates, minimum/maximum amounts and special conditions!
  • Supports all mob types!
  • Supports the Looting enchantment!
  • Integrate LootEx into your own plugin with the API!
  • Expandable by creating your own unique conditions!
  • And more to come in the future!

I've set up a Patreon page for anyone willing to support me. Supporting me there will include special rewards. But do know, using my plugins is enough support, so no need to push yourself into pledging to the page. You can also make a one-time donation at Ko-Fi if you'd prefer that.



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