12/17/15 - NOTE: A re-work in the process. A working version is currently privately available and is waiting on public release. Please note that, on the outside, it will be less dynamic than the current version and quite a bit buggier. Unfortunately, this does tend to happen with code re-writes. Please stay tuned as the project is turned over to BETA and updates will be released accordingly. More to come this following week...

12/29/15 The re-work is near completion! Expect a release on New Years' Eve

1/1/2016: Happy New Years! Enjoy the update.




Lootboxes, mystery crates, loot chests, loot boxes, loot crates, whatever you call them! Reward your players for finding them & their keys (configurable) for epic loot!

Lootbox is like opening a chest, but it's in your inventory! You can configure it so that you can have multiple lootboxes that may or may not require keys to open. When they are opened, they can execute commands from the console and/or give items to the player. This will probably be the best drop party gift you could give your players or one of the most desired quest items! The possibilities are endless!

Lootboxes are, by default, chests with a special name and lore. They can be opened either by themselves or by a key (tripwire hook) as determined by the config.yml. They can be used in the following and more: Quests, treasure chests, drop party items, trade, donations! But really, the possibilities are endless.

Youtube Tutorial



  • /lootbox help <admin> - Displays the in-game help page.
  • /lootbox open - Have the lootbox in slot 1 and key in slot 2. Then use this command to open.
  • /lootbox reload - Reloads the config.yml
  • /lootbox give <username> <key/lootbox> <UUID of lootbox/key> - Gives a player a specified key/lootbox.
  • /lootbox preview - Previews with a virtual inventory what is inside a lootbox.
  • /lootbox info - See a list of keys/lootboxes that can be used on the key/lootbox in hand.
  • /lootbox list <keys/lootboxes> <e> - Lists all keys/lootboxes on the server. Add an 'e' on the end to see an expanded list.


  • /lootbox help - lootbox.help
  • /lootbox open - lootbox.open
  • /lootbox help admin - lootbox.admin.help
  • /lootbox reload - lootbox.admin.reload
  • /lootbox give - lootbox.admin.give
  • /lootbox preview - lootbox.preview
  • /lootbox list <keys/lootboxes> <e> - lootbox.list
  • /lootbox info - lootbox.info


Example config.yml: http://pastebin.com/H0sZhuA3

EID List:

  • Names are case-sensitive

The chat options should be self explanatory.

Suggested Plugins

Final Notes

Make sure that players have enough room are online and have room in their inventory when using the /lootbox give command. If they aren't online it won't be given to them and if their inventory is full it will drop at their feet, prime time for others to steal it. Please notify me about suggestions or bugs through the comments/tickets! Any comments are welcomed. :)


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