API for devs


Actual Wiki going up here

How to hook into the plugin

private StatsAPI statsAPI;

private boolean setupStatsAPI(){
        RegisteredServiceProvider<StatsAPI> stats = getServer().getServicesManager().getRegistration(nl.lolmewn.stats.api.StatsAPI.class);
        if (stats!= null) {
            statsAPI = stats.getProvider();
        return (statsAPI != null);

The methods inside the API are pretty self-explanatory, and have JavaDocs coverage here


This plugin also provides you with some cool events. These are:

  • StatUpdateEvent - gets called every time a stat gets updated. This is done in an async environment to not cause load to the main thread, so use this with caution. You can cancel this event.
  • StatsSignCreateEvent - gets called when a sign with [Stats] on it gets placed. You can cancel this event.
  • StatsSignUpdateEvent - gets called when a StatsSign updates. You can cancel this event.
  • StatsSignDestroyEvent - gets called when a StatsSign gets destroyed. You can cancel this event.

Using Maven?

I've set up a Sonatype Nexus repository, which you can use to get the Stats dependency.
To your pom.xml, add this:



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