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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2
  • 1.6.4



  • Fix DeathSaver not working at all
  • Fix server hang on shutdown/reload
  • Fix reset and resetall command
  • Fix it trying to do MySQL stuff while it has not been set up yet.
  • Fix default value for snapshot_name being in wrong MySQL Syntax.
  • Adds support for permission nodes for every stat. The node is stats.track.<statName>
  • Add /stats resetall command, this resets everyone's stats. Use with caution! Permission node is stats.resetall


  • Fixes autoupdater issues downloading files that have -DEV in them
  • Converts tables with 'player_id' columns back to use the 'player' system.

Use v1.38 with great caution. Once you've used it once and the tables are converted, there's really no going back to old versions. Backups are recommended before installing this update

v1.38 BREAKS WebStatsX WEB-END - New one coming soon!*

  • Changes tables to use an id for players, with a new table with all id-name links in it (soon UUID).
  • Changed up the way Stats are registered. You can now create a StatTable object, throw a Stat in it, and it'll automatically generate your table :)
  • Loads and loads of other changes


  • Fixes Block break and Block place signs.
  • Fixed #114: signs in inactive chunks throwing errors.
  • Don't invoke null objects. Fixes #112
  • Fixed /stats reset. Fixes #110 and #111
  • Added config option to ignore flying people. Affects #90.
  • Added config option to ignore permissions checking for Stats tracking.
  • General cleanup

NOTICE: The next release will have a major change in table layout and API calls. All developers hooking into Stats should use great caution when using the current table structure. In the next Release, the class "StatType" will be removed. If you're still using it, get rid of it now.

v1.36 - BETA

  • Fixed blocks table not creating correctly. If you are a user with a broken blocks table, the plugin will automatically fix your table by deleting it and making a new (correct) one.
  • The plugin is now ignoring all NPC's (those with metadata "npc" anyway.)

v1.35 - BETA

  • Fixed Votifier issue. Silly typo

v1.34 - BETA

  • Fixed issue with autocommit rendering stats collection dead.

v1.33 - BETA

  • Fixed issue with Votifier no longer working and throwing exceptions.

v1.32 - BETA

  • Fixed issue where signs would throw NPE because the Stat wasn't found due to plugin hooking into Stats loading later (and therefore, adding the Stat later).
  • Added nice methods to the API
  • Fixed insert not inserting sometimes

v1.31 - BETA

  • Added snapshot support. This only works if beta functions is enabled in the config, as well as snapshots.
  • Added per-world stats. Turn on betafunctions and this works. You can not go back to non-Beta mode after enabling Beta mode!
  • Added support for all stats on signs.
  • Removed PVPKills from StatSigns. You can still get this on a sign by using Custom.
  • Fixed weird issues with tables not updating
  • Fixed Global Stats server spitting out messages.
  • Fixed more small issues.


  • Add StatsPlayerLoadedEvent - Fixes an issue with Highscores
  • Fixed Playtime not being disable-able.
  • More fixes regarding lastjoin/lastleave (they don't care about permissions or game modes anymore).
  • Added config option to set which Stats to show on command.


  • Finally fixed lastjoin/join issues (lastleave was already resolved). It was caused by syncing issues between temporary Statsplayer objects and non-temp objects.
  • Fixed the .setUpdateValue for StatUpdateEvents not working
  • Fixed sync methods being invoked in non-sync environment
  • Fixed Connection not being avaiable sometimes when loading players.
  • Set command to /lolmewnstats with /stats as alias to support other stats plugins that don't do this (Testing purposes mostly).
  • Probably added some other cool stuff


  • Fixed a bug where the new 8 stats wouldn't increment.

Web_end v1.2

  • Added the new statistics to the single_player.php page
  • fixed a bug with mismatching row names


  • Don't crash when a disabled StatType isn't found.


  • Added 8 new stats! Teleports, itempickups, bedenter, bucketfill, bucketempty, worldchange, itemdrops and shear are now being tracked.
  • Added the functionality to disable tracking of certain stats through the config
  • More work on the BeardStats converter
  • Possible fix for MySQL connection drainage.


  • Quick-fix for movement not being tracked at all
  • Fixed small issue with /stats debug me


  • Fixed /stats reset failing sometimes
  • Added methods for Achievements to use


  • Speed up all events by threading the data saving and execution of the StatUpdateEvent.
  • If signs can, they will now insta-update instead of every 10 seconds (can be changed in the config)
  • Added the /stats reset [Player] command. Use /stats reset to reset your own stats.
  • General speed up of other things
  • Fixed lastjoin/lastleave issue (was a permissions issue involving not-logged-in players). Go to your settings file and set lastJoin-lastLeaveFix to true.


  • Using new methods for storing and saving data. This way, it's much simpler to get the data (and possibility of getting data live from in-game)
  • Using CPV4
  • Updated API to use these new storage modes, now giving live-data instead of database-data. You should remove the SQLExceptions.
  • Updated API with new methods
  • Possibly fixed lastjoin/lastleave issue (just like in any other build.)

v1.20 DEV (ONLY use this if you want to test the new stuff, it's a highly in-dev build!)

  • Uses new methods to collect/save/store the data, it's super sexy!
  • This method should speed up everything by a lot, as there's no need to connect to databases etc
  • Auto-updater fixed, also thanks to Joba1.


  • Probably fixed the lastleave issue (finally!)
  • Fixed NPE with PVPKills sign


  • Fixed NPEs if you're installing it for the first time
  • Fixed NPE in the 'Kills' sign, was pointing to the wrong table
  • Fixed config stuff going on forever on first start
  • Added Votifier listeners, and a 'votes' row in the 'player' table


  • Fixed auto-updater


  • Added MySQL Connection pool. This fixes all errors that look like 'last packet received ... ms ago', 'cant call commit when autocommit is true', etc.
  • Added signs, more info on the front page.
  • Some fixes and performance improvements (log-in and log-out are faster now, for example).
  • Fixed some weird MySQL error concerning SET SESSION old_alter_table=1


  • Removes all duplicate values from rows
  • The above fixes the huge amount of blocks broken, etc.
  • Started on signs
  • Started on BeardStats converter


  • Fixed MySQLDataTruncation errors (changes row on startup which is needed for this fix)
  • Fixed loads of issues regarding the global stats server
  • Hugely improved MySQL queries by looking for duplicates before executing them
  • Now runs updates on the database every 30 seconds instead of every 3.
  • Now using CPV3!
  • Now tracks players riding a pig riding a minecart!


  • Suppress Datatruncation errors (Please enable debug and tell me what it tells you, it would be a big help to know)

v1.10 (same as v1.11)

  • Fixed lastjoin and lastleave not working
  • Fixed issue with wordssaid
  • Added images to web-end for 1.4 new blocks and entities (I forgot to do this last time)
  • New way of sending data to the global server, using JSON.
  • Added pinging to the global stats server
  • Speed increase by using Prepared Statements instead of Statements
  • Some other stuff.

For older changelogs, check the older files

None, please tell me!