LoginMessage is not just an MOTD plugin, as the name might suggest. It allows you to personalize your server with custom messages, with many different "message events" to choose from; like a player logging in (recurring or newcomer), a player quitting or being kicked, a player dying, a player typing a command, and a message to automatically go off at a given interval!

Version: 0.8.2 Changelog


  • Infinite amount of messages
  • Customize who receives and triggers your message
    • Specifically include/exclude: users, Permissions groups, ops, users with a given permission
  • Message events for logging in (recurring or newcomer), logging out, being kicked, typing a command, dying, and an automatic message that will go off at a given interval
  • Use "codes" to display dynamic values; i.e. the player's name, the online list, server time, etc.
  • Compatible with all 16 Minecraft colors
  • iConomy/BOSEconomy and Permissions/SuperPerms support (see readme)
  • Thorough documentation and reference


If you're getting an error, make sure you have the BukkitPluginUtilities library installed. If you don't see "BukkitPluginUtilities.jar" in your lib folder, download it here and rename it.

For additional help and documentation, make sure you check out the wiki.

To use locating features, download the GeoIP City database and extract it to your LoginMessage folder.


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