This plugin allows you to limit the number of users who can be on your server by rank. So if you only have 20 slots and want to make sure guests never take more than 5 slots to reserve the rest for your regular players, you can do that.


  • Enforce per-group login limits
  • Enforce global login limits
  • If a player logs out/gets disconnected, hold their slot for a configurable amount of time
  • Don't allow certain groups to login if another group is not present on the server (ie. refuse guests when no mods are around)
  • Don't allow new players to login unless a certain group is present on the server
  • Define ranks such that higher ranks players can "skip" over others in the login queue
  • For those who use MCBans, this plugin was designed with MCBans in mind and runs before MCBans to avoid MCBans login spam when people are being queued

Additional Notes

In order to take advantage of the group login limits, you must have a permission framework plugin installed on your server: your choices are Vault or WorldEdit (using WorldEdit's WEPIF framework). This is because native Bukkit "Superperms" does not support the notion of offline permissions. Both Vault and WEPIF support offline permissions and both support just about every permission plugin out there.

Note that some (many/all?) permission plugins (I use and tested this with PEX) will propagate permissions up to higher ranks. So for example, if you want to restrict Guests, you might think to use a "group.Guest" permission. That's fine, but be sure to negate the permission at every higher rank, otherwise every rank will inherit "group.Guest" and your limits won't work like you'd expect.




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