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This is an idea I all of a sudden had with my small home server I use with friends. We often build things together and share everything, when somebody leaves and forgets to put their inventory into a chest then we end up having to call each other to get a simple material so we can keep playing. The goal of this plugin is to make a chest on player logout that will put everything in their inventory into the chest, and the chest will be labled and locked, when the player logs back in the chest and sign are destroyed and everything gets put back into their inventory. That way chests are not being spammed.

It will also have commands on who can open your logout chest (need a better term and title for this plugin) so that when you forget to empty your inventory into a chest for your friends to have access to they can access it as well, but nobody else can. Let me know if you think this is a good idea!


- Re-create chestlock in my own code

- create command syntax

- create permissions syntax

- create logo

- establish how the chest will get back into a players inventory on log-on


Make locked chest on player logout, and auto get destroyed on login to put items back into inventory.

Current Progress:

Private Testing/Building


Admin Commands

Add Players to your chest.


Not sure yet. Will have permissions for every command and admin permissions.


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