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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3



This supports all versions of Bukkit from 1.7.2-R0.3 onwards, including 1.8

Main changes

  • Supports UUIDs - see this wiki page for a short description of the limitations of the migration system
  • Supports WorldEdit version 6 and up - unfortunately this means dropping support for previous versions of WorldEdit
  • Database insertion optimisation which in tests logged actions six times faster using a local database, and over 250 times faster when the database was on a different server than LogBlock

Fixes and improvements

  • Logs itemdata with values over 256 (logs potion types and item durability)
  • Better support for inventory types such as trapped chests
  • Fix error when trying to query a double chest without WorldEdit installed
  • Correctly log fireballs
  • Log players extinguishing fire
  • Support utf8mb4 text logging (fixes error when using some obscure characters)
  • Overhauled parameter parsing
  • Added "/lb hide on" and "/lb hide off" to complement the existing "/lb hide" toggle
  • Don't log chat from hidden players
  • Fixed error when trying to query illegal triple chests
  • Fixed error when a projectile that kills an entity had no source


  • Wooden button logging
  • Better fireball logging
  • Better location querying
  • Smarter smart logging
  • Add TNT Carts
  • Ability to disable sanity ID
  • Allow more log rows
  • Use UTF-8 for logging
  • Comparator, tripwire, pressure plate, crop trample logging added
  • Door log fix
  • Better messages
  • Block spreading
  • Fix timezone support
  • Death logging fix
  • Chest decay
  • Various SQL improvements (see source)


  • More prepared statements
  • Increase to accuracy (Thanks DarkArc)
  • WorldEdit logging
  • Case insensitive player ignoring
  • Consumer warnings + more aggressive defaults (Thanks DarkArc)


  • Use more prepared statements
  • Fix timestamps on some entries
  • Report progress for large rollbacks


  • Falling blocks (sand/gravel) are now logged properly in the location they land
  • The format of the date displayed in lookups is now customizable under "lookup.dateFormat" in config.yml, please refer to http://docs.oracle.com/javase/1.4.2/docs/api/java/text/SimpleDateFormat.html for the display options
  • Parameters can now be escaped with double quotes, allowing for spaces in parameters e.g (world "world with spaces")
  • Blocks placed now have their data logged properly. Blocks with extra data such as stairs will now be resetted properly during redos
  • Fixed bug whereby lava and water logging options in world config weren't considered
  • Fixed duplicate "[LogBlock]" tags in message logging
  • Fixed y axis not being considered in the radius specified by area
  • Fixed possible crash on /lb tp


  • Fix * permission


  • Require WorldEdit once again.
  • 1.57 table updates are optional


  • PermissionDefault to OP
  • Increase default table sizes


  • Invert chest logging
  • Remove worldedit auto download


  • Transition to maven
  • Use async chat event
  • Add metrics
  • Small performance increases


  • Fix derpy fake inventory plugins throwing npes.


  • Make use of the new chest logging system
  • Remove the use of old permissions systems


  • Properly log block replacement.
  • Added option to disallow tool dropping to prevent item duplication.
  • Removed double logblock.tp permission.
  • Fixed config updater error.
  • Check if EntityChangeBlockEvent is triggered by Enderman.
  • Fixed onlinetime logging for players.
  • Fixed npe in /lb me.