Lockpick & Rent

Lockpick & Rent

This plugin adds new access features to areas protected by any protection plugin. You can open door (chest, levers, buttons...) with lockpicks, you can define free access, set the payment required to gain access. And you can even take daily rent for using doors, chests and other items. Lockpick-n-Rent was test with some plugin that provide protection: Towny, LWC, Lockette, Worlguard's regions and Road Protector; and I think it will work with any other "private" plugin.

Attention! Lockpick & Rent require any protection plugin installed on your server. Did not protects doors, chests... etc itself

I apologize for the lack of description of the plugin. I'm going to offer tutorial for you as soon as as I can.


Servers using Lockpick&Rent

Server list

How to use it?

Just install it. After first execution config file will be created. You can edit it or setup plugin parameters by using command. And don't forget to configure player permssions.


There two kind of lockpicks: simple lockpick and advanced lockpick. By default gold hoe using as simple lockpick and diamond hoe is used as advanced lockpick. Each kind of lockpick is defined by parameters: Simple lockpick: chance - 10%, breaking step - 1%. Advanced lockpick: chance - 15%, breaking step - 10.

In addition both kind of lockpicks have a chance (default 30%) to be broken up to 1/3 of max item's durability.

If player is trying to pick the lock, and try is unsuccessful he will receive a damage (default - 6), and nearby players (default radius - 100) will receive warning message.

There is an additional permission, that increase chance to open locks and decrease chance of lockpick breaking (default - 10%).

...and Rents.

If you own a private (protected) area, you can define additional rules to access to any doors, chests, buttons, levers, furnaces... etc. Access to doors and other "switch-blocks" defined by special signs. There are some kind of access: free, limited (by player name or permission) and fee-access. For payments you can use any economy plugins supported by Vault with one limit: you can define only integer values as price for access. And you can define unlimited number of items as payment item (for example you can use gold, diamonds or... map with specified number).


There are twelve types of controls signs: [free], [day], [night], [access], [pay], [pay#<count>], [pass], [rent], [rented#<days>] , [protect], [player] and [sale]. All "control words" must placed in second line of sign. First line must contains owner name. Third line contains a price (for signs: [pay], [pay#xx], [rent], [rented#xx] and [sale]). Last line usually may contain anything you want, except signs [rented#xxx] and [player].

Additional information about signs





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