Make users pay for their protection

A bukkit plugin that makes players pay for protecting their items

Idea as a request from @MeesterWaffles on bukkit forums:Forum Request bukkit forums thread

This plugin was designed to make a player(s) to pay for protection of their chests, furnaces, doors etc. It hooks into Lockette for the sign protection and Vault for the economy & permissions.

Version: 2.5 Is now out

If you are upgarding from version 2.4.3 you must delete your config.yml file & messages.yml file

*The offical server for LocketteAddon: mc.acercraft.com*


The Plugin uses Vault so it is compatible with all economy and permission systems. This plugin lets you currently do the following:

  • Sell lockette containers to other players
  • Charge a global fee for protecting a container using lockette
  • Charge a group fee for protecting a container using lockette


Click the link to the top right of the page.


Visit this page to find the permissions

Setting up the config

Visit this page here for the info on setting up the config

Making a container sell-able

Visit here

Planned Features

  • Rent feature to be able to rent chests out to other people
  • An option to give the money back to the people when they break their own lockette container Added in locketteaddon v2.5
  • Currently no planed features. Suggestions ????????

If you have any other features that you want me to add, post a comment or pm me.ccc


If you need anyhelp please dont comment for help open a support ticket. Opening a ticket is the quickest way for me to help you out.

Official Server

LocketteAddon is developed by AcerCraft.com

You are most welcome to join in and play with us :)


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