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  • Buy and sell the rights to Lockette containers. (doors, chests, furnaces, dispensers)
  • Supports: iConomy (4, 5 & 6), BOSEconomy, Essentials Economy.


LockBuy allows you to sell and buy the rights to Lockette containers. You can set the price, and then let the plugin automatically transfer control of the container when it is purchased.

NOTE: "Container" refers to all items than can be locked by Lockette, i.e. Furnaces, Doors, Dispensers and Chests.

How To Use

To create a sign which allows you to sell your Lockette container, you must first lock a container. Then, place your LockBuy sign adjacent to the Lockette sign (this can mean above or below, or any side. As long as both signs are "touching," it will work). Make sure your sign has this format:


In amount, you can add extra info, as long as the number is still there. For example, you can have "Price: $5" and the plugin will recognize the price as 5. If successful, the fourth line will update to a green [Active] tag. If unsuccessful, the sign will return to your inventory, and you will receive an error.

To enable or disable a sign (for example, to allow you to destroy the sign without buying the container), simply right click the sign. It will toggle states.

To use a sign, left click it. Once you have bought a container, the LockBuy sign will disappear! (optional)


LockBuy supports both Permissions 2.x and Superms.

  • lockbuy.admin.toggle - this node allows the player/group to toggle the signs between active and inactive. (ops only if no Permissons installed)
  • lockbuy.admin.place - this node allows the player/group to place LockBuy signs for any Lockette sign. (ops only if no Permissions installed)
  • lockbuy.user.use - this node allows the player/group to use LockBuy signs.
  • lockbuy.user.place - this node allows the player/group to place LockBuy signs next to Lockette signs they currently own.


The configuration file config.yml will be generated with the default values:

payOriginalOwner: true
clearOtherOwners: false
allowNegative: false
signsPersist: false
destroyMoreUsersSign: false
  • payOriginalOwner - when set to true, the original owner of the Lockette container (i.e. the first defined) will get paid the amount the container was sold for.
  • clearOtherOwners - when set to true, the plugin will clear all the owners from the Lockette sign before adding the new owner. Otherwise, it only changes the *main* owner (i.e. the first one defined)
  • allowNegative - when set to true, the plugin will not check to see if this transaction sends the player's balance into a negative amount.
  • signsPersist - when set to true, the LockBuy sign will not disappear when the Lockette container is purchased. When set to false, the LockBuy sign disappears.
  • destroyMoreUsersSign - when set to true, if a More Users sign is found, it will simply be destroyed, instead of clearing the names from it. When set to false, and clearOtherOwners is true, the More Users sign will simply have the names removed.


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