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LockOutMode - Does Your Server Need Maintenance? Version: 1.0 Author: SamzRulez

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LockOutMode Allows Server Administrators To Easily Customize Their Server In Peace, By Changing The Server to LockOut Mode, All Players Are Kicked That Are Not In A Certain File Of Names, They Are Also Blocked From Joining Until The Server Is Not In LockOut Mode. The Plugin Also Changes The Server's MOTD To A Message Defined In The Configuration File, The Message That Players Receive When They Are Kicked Is Also Definable In The Configuration File. There Is Also A Minutes Delay Before Players Get Kicked, Your Server Will Also Stay In LockOut Mode Until You Disable It, Even If You Restart Your Server.

Note About Permissions: All Permissions Are Case Sensitive.

/LockOutMode ReloadReloads Configuration Files!LockOutMode.Reload
/LockOutMode SaveSaves Configuration Files!LockOutMode.Save
/LockOutMode LoadLoads Configuration Files!LockOutMode.Load
/LockOutMode InfoDisplays Information About LockOutMode!LockOutMode.Info
/LockOutMode HelpDisplays Help For The Plugin!LockOutMode.Help
/LockOut OnEnables LockOut Mode!LockOutMode.On
/LockOut OffDisables LockOut Mode!LockOutMode.Off
/LockOut AddAdd An Allowed Player!LockOutMode.Add
/LockOut RemoveRemove An Allowed Player!LockOutMode.Remove
/LockOut StatusDisplays The Servers Status!LockOutMode.Status
N/AAdministrator Access To The Plugin!LockOutMode.*


  • Remembers If Server Was In LockOut Mode!
  • Easily Enable/Disable Using Commands!
  • Stores Allowed Players In Configuration File! (Make Sure All-Lowercase Characters)
  • Changes Server Ping List MOTD!
  • Prevents Players From Joining!
  • Allows Certain Players To Join!


Please Post Any Issues Or Bugs In The Comments Or Message Me, And I Will Fix Them As Soon As Possible.

Planned Features:

  • Complete First Build!
  • Fix The Bugs, I've Come Across!
  • Finish Plugin Descriptions!


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