The new build is a COMPLETE-REWRITE and ive tested it to some extent and need help of the community with testing it. if you do experience any errors PLEASE file a ticket!! I can't find every bug in the plugin all by myself and if you see an error and just uninstall it the plugin can't get any better. Thanks for taking the time to read this -zack


LockDown allows server administrators to easily change their server to "LockDown", A secure mode that kicks all players without a certain permission from the server and then keeps them from logging back in, players with a special permission node can bypass the plugin. The message that players recive when they are kicked is definable in the config.yml.

Current version

1.5.9: Complete re-write!

Intended use

  • To allow server owners to keep out unwanted players for building or maintaining the server.
  • Other possible uses: keep griefers out, just enable LockDown, and it will keep them from logging in.


  • The commands are pretty self explanatory.
  • /ld enable - Enables LockDown.
  • /ld disable - Disables LockDown.
  • /ld status - Tells you if LockDown is enabled or not
  • /ld reload - Reloads the configuration file.
  • /ld info - Lists the version , authors and other basic info about the plugin
  • /ld urgent - bypasses ALL configuration settings and locks the server down instantly.
  • the status and reload commands are only in 1.5 , please update to this version! we also now have Metrics so i can see how many of you guys use the plugin!


  • If for some reason you don't understand an option in the configuration file please read the page here and read the readme.yml! If you have any trouble please watch this video courtesy of elloc72


The permissions vary depending on what file you have! if you have the LockDown.jar use the LockDown permissions


  • mm.toggle permission to toggle MaintenanceMode
  • mm.bypass permission to bypass MaintenanceMode


  • ld.toggle - Permission to turn LockDown on or off.
  • ld.bypass - Permission to bypass the plugin
  • ld.help - permission to do /ld help
  • ld.reload - permission to do /ld reload
  • ld.instant - permission to do /ld instant
  • ld.bypass - permission to do /ld bypass
  • ld.status - permission to do /ld status
  • ld.info - permission to do /ld info
  • ld.* - permission to do all lockdown commands

Help me Help you!

If you get an error please do the following:

  • Post your version of LockDown (can be found using /ld info)
  • Post your CraftBukkit version(Cna be found via /version)
  • Post the error! Use pastie!



Source code

If you'd like to take a look at the source code, take a look at the repository located here

Bug Reporting

  • If you have an issue, feature request or something of that nature feel free to tell me by submitting an issue report here

Change log

  • Fixed a large issue with console commands. added more permissions added more commands
  • Added new permissions nodes and added /ld urgent, as per a user submitted request.
  • Added an auto-updater, updating to this would help me alot because when you guys report bugs it makes it way easier to get that update out to all the users
  • Fixed a few small typos, added the info command.
  • Fixed a few typos in the broadcasts.
  • fixed a MAJOR permissions bug
  • corrected the readme.yml and config.yml
  • Added a readme file
  • Added a toggle for all broadcasts
  • Added a command to reload the config
  • Added a setting to change the MOTD while LockDown is enabled
  • Fixed a few bugs
1.4 MAJOR Update!:
  • added persistence!(modes stick over reloads and restarts)
  • made the delay in seconds, not ticks
  • added a new command "ld status" that tells you if LockDown is on or off
  • added a check to see if LockDown is enabled/disabled already when you try to enable/disable it, so that you don't have fake broadcasts


  • 600 downloads! woot! :D
  • one THOUSAND downloads? 0_0
  • I'd like to thank The awesome people over at #BukkitDev who helped me squash quite a few bugs!, id also like to thank Chriz_Night and SpartaMercenary for helping me learn how to do alot of the things i did in this plugin!


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