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Ever wanted to add Teleports to your server without the use of those command blocks and buttons? LocationTeleport lets you create Teleports between two locations or even an area that players can teleport through. When a player steps at a location or enters an area, selected by you, the player will be teleportet to the Teleport destination. You just need to create one Teleport and then the player can teleport in both directions as much as they wan't, if no permissions is set. Or just change it to SIMPLEX and the player can only teleport in one direction. The Teleports is not visible by players, they are just in the background waiting for a player... Other Developers can also take advantage of the API to be able to listen for and cancel events.

This plugin contains an updater-class for easier updating. Can be turned off in config.yml.


  • Add Teleports that is always active between two locations, specified by you.
  • Add a Teleport from an Area that's going to a Location. (WorldEdit required)
  • Choose to remember the direction you are facing when you create the teleport.
  • Choose if a Teleport goes both directions or only one direction (I called it 'simplex' and 'duplex')
  • Specific teleport permissions for every Teleport.
  • MultiWorld support!
  • Use commands or change the ”teleports.yml” file.
  • API - events (cancellable)
  • Update checking/downloading class for easier updating to the latest version.

Features that not exist:

  • BungeeCord support for server-to-server teleport.
  • MySQL support.
  • set names to your teleports
  • per command permissions
  • commands from console (disabled)
  • can't load worlds from folders (MultiWorld plugin required, I recommend Multiverse-Core)

(maybe I will add some of them in the future, but you can comment to give me motivation!)


you can use ’/lt’ instead of ’/LocationTeleport’.


  • /lt
  • /lt list
  • /lt create
  • /lt delete
  • /lt update
  • /lt updater

More info:

  • -/lt will show plugin information, such as version, name, developer and updates.
  • -/lt list lists all current Teleports. if no Teleports will show, you may had changed the structure of file:”teleports.yml”.
  • -/lt create creates a teleport from your current position to given coordinates.
    Arguments: <x> <y> <z> <World>
    <x>: X-Coordinate of the Teleport destination -Integer
    <y>: Y-Coordinate of the Teleport destination -Integer
    <z>: Z-Coordinate of the Teleport destination -Integer
    <World>: Destination Teleport World -Unique String name

    Other Arguments:
    • /lt create loc1 - will save your current location temporary until you perform
    • /lt create loc2 - thats saves a teleport between loc1 location and loc2 location.
      You can always put "s" or "simplex" as the last argument to make the Teleport to ONLY go one direction. (it will ONLY go from loc1 to loc2, not also from loc2 to loc1 as made by default).
      (Or unnecessarily put "d" or "duplex" as the last argument to make the Teleport to go both directions, this is made by DEFAULT.)
      • /lt create -254 43 142 world
      • /lt create -423 43 312 world simplex
      • /lt create loc1
      • /lt create loc2
      • /lt create loc2 s
  • /lt create areaTeleport (ignore case) will create a Teleport from current WorldEdit area selection to your current position. WorldEdit Required
    • /lt create areateleport
  • -/lt delete deletes a Teleport
    Arguments: <number> - will delete the specified Teleport (OPTIONAL: use /lt list first to list all Teleports)
  • -/lt update will update the plugin the latest file on bukkit/curse. I recommend to perform /lt first to see the current version and latest bukkit version.

Configuration (config.yml)

  • updater - BOOLEAN can be 'true' or 'false'. If true, you will be able to update the plugin and check for updates with a command.
    DEFAULT value: true
  • check-updates-on-start - BOOLEAN can be 'true' or 'false'. If true, the plugin will check for updates when the plugin loads. (Will make some delay when reloading plugins)
    DEFAULT value: false
  • remember-directions - BOOLEAN can be 'true' or 'false'. If true, the direction the location is facing will be remembered.
    DEFAULT value: true
  • op-message - BOOLEAN can be 'true' or 'false'. If true, you will get a message (if you are OP) when being teleported.
    DEFAULT value: true
  • broadcast-teleport-message - BOOLEAN can be 'true' or 'false'. If true, a message saying that you were teleported will be broadcasted.
    DEFAULT value: false
  • no-permission-message - BOOLEAN can be 'true' or 'false'. If true, the player will get a message when it doesn't have the correct permission to teleport.
    DEFAULT value: false



  • LocationTeleport.admin - can do all commands


To require a permission for a specific Teleport you need to open teleports.yml in a text editor and change the permission-required to true

  • lt.teleport.3 - to be able to teleport through Teleport number 3.
  • lt.teleport.* - to be able to teleport through all Teleports.
    but only if your Teleport requires permission...


  • 1: place the .jar file in your /plugins folder
  • 2: reload your server, command: /reload
  • 3: log in and learn by performing the help command: /lt help or reading this full description
  • 4: install WorldEdit if you wan't to use the Area feature.


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