Simple plugin that allows a player to get the name and ID of the block that they are looking at. Many times other plugins cannot read the names of blocks and need the block IDs. Looking up the ID of a block online is a pain and memorizing the IDs is simply too much. New to an update and don't know a block ? With LocateBlock its as simple as looking at a block typing the command and you'll know both the name and the ID of the block!


  • Core commands requires no arguments
  • Lightweight
  • Get pesky questions about block IDs answered in no time!
  • Information about a block given in easy to read color codes!
  • Can save a block's information to be used for later!
  • Don't want to run PluginMetrics? Configurable!

Commands and Perms


/locateblock: Tells the sender what the name and ID of the block that they are looking at is. /locateitem: Tells the sender what the name and ID of the item that they are holding in their hand. /favoriteblock <blockName, list, remove, removeall>: Command to handle storing a block's information

  • Favoriteblock blockName: Will save a block's information in the favoriteblocks.yml file (Block info saved to specific player)
  • Favoriteblock list: Lists all of a player's saved blocks.
  • Favoriteblock remove <blockName> : Removes the specifed block's info from the list.
  • Favoriteblock removall: Removes all the blocks from the player's saved blocks list and related information.


/lb: /locateblock
/li: /locateitem
/fb: /favoriteblock


  • LocateBlock.locate Allows player to execute command /locateblock
  • LocateBlock.item: Allows player to execute command /locateitem
  • LocateBlock.fav: Allows player to execute command /favoriteblock


# Controls whether or not Metrics will run
Metrics: true/false
#What should the limit of the number of blocks a player can favorite?
favLimit: 5



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