LobbyCompass Updated!


Lobby Compass is a plugin based on almost any minigames server, where you have a compass, which opens an inventory with warp points or commands.


  • An Updated Version For 1.12 Is Currently In the works. I had to get a job going and get some things straight in my life. But i'm back to Developing and will Release it on 4/20.


  • Current MC Version: 1.12.1
  • Current Plugin API Version: 1.11.2
  • Latest Version: v2.5
  • Plugin Is Now Being Managed/Updated By FrostwiredGC.
  • Outdated Version: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/lobbycompass/
  • Issues with this plugin can be reported with a ticket in the issues tab above.


  • FrostedGC - Current Author/Manager
  • Goldentoenail - Previous Tester/Contributor
  • Dreieck52 - Previous Author
  • MIxWLF - Previous Tester

Commands and Permissions

  • lobbycompass.use - Gives the ability to use the configured compass.
  • lobbycompass.get - Gives you the ability to receive a compass and use the command /lc get.
  • lobbycompass.admin - Gives you the ability to use every aspect of LobbyCompass.

Note: /lobbycompass [alias. /lc]

  • /lobbycompass get - Gives you the standard compass as you defined in the configuration file.
  • /lobbycompass reload - Reloads the config file.
  • /lobbycompass version - Tells you the current lobbycompass version.

Explaining all the options:

  • compass-name ~ The name of the compass as item in player's inventory
  • compass-inventory-name ~ The name of the inventory which will open
  • get-compass-on-join ~ Gives you the compass when you join the server if get-compass-worlds contains joining world name
  • get-compass-slot ~ Gives you the compass at a specified slot of player's inventory
  • can-drop-compass ~ You can drop this compass (true / false)
  • inventory-lines-amount ~ How many lines the inventory will have
  • options ~ A list of all clickable options in the menu. You have to update this list if you add/remove an option!
  • data ~ The specific data of all options
  • data.<optionname>.xxx ~ Explains everything by itself!
  • get-compass-worlds ~ Worlds in which you get the compass automatically
  • only-allow-command-lc_get-in-worlds ~ You can only use the command '/lc get' in the defined worlds above
  • sound-effect ~ Little sound on executing command / warp
  • You can simply copy and paste options at the data section, but always remember to update the options section!

Using Custom Compass Items:

  • 1. Log onto your server
  • 2. Put desired block in hand (Example a iron sword)
  • Must have essentials for step 3. If not please refer to an item id list on google and use that name in all caps
  • 3. Type /itemdb
  • 4. It should output the proper item id in all CAPS. (For our example it would be IRON_SWORD)
  • 5. Use the item id in ALL capitals in your custom item config line (Example in config - > compass-item: IRON_SWORD)
  • 6. That's it!

BungeeCord Support

  • Download this plugin!
  • To use bungeecord just download the above plugin and restart your server and then replace cmd to /server <name>!
  • executedByPlayer must be set to true for this to work!

Video Tutorial

Click me for a video tutorial! :D


UPDATE: I am clarifying some things in this that people have had questions about.

  • #1 - Support for 1.8 & 1.9 is no longer available. This plugin is the most stable it's ever going to be with 1.8 & 1.9 currently and any further updates will be included in the 1.10+ jar's only!
  • #2 - "Nothing to pass through" is part of essentials feature of teleporting through walls. That has nothing to do with this plugin. This can be disabled in your essentials configuration.

Changes Coming

  • Plugin Stability Improvements
  • New Features

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