This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



Lobby-Compass is a plugin based on almost any minigames server, where you have a compass, which opens an inventory with warp points or commands.

This project is now inactive! I do not have the time to continue this project! Sorry.. :c A plugin from another developer based on mine (Spigot 1.8+): Click!

Commands and Permissions

To use the compass, you need the permission "lobbycompass.use". To use the command '/lc get', which gives you a new compass, you need the permission "lobbycompass.get".

Note: /lobbycompass [alias. /lc]

  • /lobbycompass get - Gives you the standart compass as you defined in the config
  • /lobbycompass reload - Reloads the config file

How to setup compass and inventory

Explaining all the options:

  • compass-name ~ The name of the compass as item in player's inventory
  • compass-inventory-name ~ The name of the inventory which will open
  • get-compass-on-join ~ Gives you the compass, when you join the server
  • get-compass-on-join-slot ~ Gives you the compass at a specified slot of player's inventory
  • can-drop-compass ~ You can drop this compass (true / false)
  • inventory-lines-amount ~ How many lines the inventory will have
  • options ~ A list of all clickable options in the menu. You have to update this list if you add/remove an option!
  • data ~ The specific data of all options
  • data.<optionname>.xxx ~ Explains everything by itself!
  • get-compass-worlds ~ Worlds in which you get the compass automatically
  • only-allow-command-lc_get-in-worlds ~ You can only use the command '/lc get' in the defined worlds above
  • sound-effect ~ Little sound on executing command / warp

You can simply copy and paste options at the data section, but always remember to update the options section!

Note: You can disable auto-updating (v1.3 or higher) in '/plugins/Updater/config.yml'...


Source-Code is available here: https:github.com/DreieckHD/LobbyCompass

Support me

If you want, you can support me on Youtube!

And if anyone has ideas to improve this plugin or to add new features, please show me in a comment or PM!


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