This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


LobbyManager is a plugin that you can use to make a ServerLobby
The LobbyItem funktion of my Plugin is based on the code of the LobbyCompass plugin of Dreieck52
LobbyCompass of Dreieck52: http:dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/lobbycompass/


You have 15 tabs you can freely adjust. For example :If you want t all Players green in the tab than write this in the config: &2%player% or if you want a prefix write &7[&aPlayer&7]&a%player%

If you give a player the permission lm.tabmanager.tab1 this player will now look like you have adjusted under tab1: "yourtab" If a player have two pemissions lm.tabmanager.tab4 and lm.tabmanager.tab7 the player will get the tab with the smaler number!


You can make automessages on your server. The messages will appear if more than 0 person are on the server


With LobbyGuard you can prevent Build or pvp on your Server

The config looks like this:

DisableBlockBreak: true

When a player has the permission lm.lobbyguard.allowblockplace he can always Build!

DisableBlockPlace: true

If you choose true in your config no players or mobs can hurt you

DisablePvPDemage: true

If this is true no Player on the Server can die or Hunger or get Demage

NoDemage: true


lm.setspawn is the Permission to set the spawn point

lm.spawn is the permission to tp to the spawn with /spawn /hub /lobby

If you write the order below all players have to join the spawn

AlwaysSpawnJoin: true


You can set warp points and other players can teleport to this!

The config looks like this:

Warp Permissions: lm.lobbywarp.setwarp and lm.lobbywarp.warp

thisWarpNotExsist: "&cDiesen Warp gibt es nicht!"

setWarpMessage: "&aDer Warp wurde gesetzt!"

PlayerNotFound: "&cDer Spieler wurde nicht gefunden!"

TeleportMessage: "&6Teleport!"

Warps: "&6Es gibt folgende warps:"

noSetWarpSyntax: "&cBitte Tippe nur /setwarp <warpname>"

noWarpSyntax: "&cBitte Tippe nur /warp <warpname> oder /warp <warpname> <Spielername>"


The config is the same how from LobbyCompass
Only one thing is new:

Permission to use the LobbyItem lm.lobbyitem.use

Item you want to use as inventory menu.

LobbyItemID: 345

Overview of all Commands and Permission's

A list with all Permissions and commands
  • /cc <playername>
    • Permission: lm.chatclear
  • /gm <0/s/survival> <playername>
    • Permission: lm.gamemode.survival to give gamemode to other players: lm.gamemode.survivalall
  • /gm <1/c/creative> <playername>
    • Permission: lm.gamemode.creative to give gamemode to other players: lm.gamemode.creativeall
  • /gm <2/a/adventure> <playername>
    • Permission: lm.gamemode.adventure to give gamemode to other players: lm.gamemode.adventureall
  • /gm <3/sp/spectator> <playername>
    • Permission: lm.gamemode.spectator to give gamemode to other players: lm.gamemode.spectatorall
  • /setspawn
    • Permission: lm.setspawn
  • /spawn /hub /lobby
    • Permission: lm.spawn
  • /setwarp <warpname>
    • Permission: lm.lobbywarp.setwarp
  • /warp <warpname> <spielername>
    • Permission: lm.lobbywarp.delwarp
  • /delwarp <name>
    • Permission: lm.lobbywarp.warp
  • Allways break blocks
    • Permission: lm.lobbyguard.allowblockbreak
  • Allways place blocks
    • Permission: lm.lobbyguard.allowblockplace
  • TabManager
    • Permission: lm.tabmanager.tab(number)
  • LobbyItemUse
    • Permission: lm.lobbyitem.use


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