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LittleTroller is designed to keep admins having a good time while paroling their server. All it does is allows you to type in the specific command and it will produce a broadcast as though you typed the real command in, eg: /lt op will simulate /op etc. There's not really anything more to it than that, oh and the "/lt slap" command lets you have some fun. Colors and formatting is enabled to make it more believable


  • Tip:
    • <> - Needed
    • [] - Optional
  • /lt help <commands|permissions> <page> - Shows the LittleTroller help
  • /lt op <playername> - Fake op the given player
  • /lt deop <playername> - Fake deop the given player
  • /lt chat <message> - Create a broadcast with any wanted format
  • /lt join [playername] - Fake yours or a players join
  • /lt leave [playername] - Fake yours or a players leave
  • /lt ban <playername> <reason> - Kick a player with the /ban format
  • /lt unban <playername> - Fake unban the given player
  • /lt kick <playername> <reason> - Fake kick the given player
  • /lt slap <playername> - Slap the given player with the configured force
  • /lt marry <playername> - Marry the given player
  • /lt divorce <playername> - Divorce the given player
  • /lt steal <playername> <amount> - Steal the given amount of money from the given player
  • /lt mute <playername> <timeinminutes> - Fake mute the given player for the given time, if no time is supplied, then forever
  • /lt fart <playername> - Makes the given player fart, causing a ring of smoke, a little thrust, and the nausea potion effect
  • /lt reload - Reload the plugin
  • /lt thrust <playername> - Makes the given player thrust foward in the direction they are facing
  • /lt talk <playername> <message> - Makes the given player say <message> in chat
  • /lt kill <playername> <killedby> - Broadcasts that the given player was killed by <killedby>
  • /lt lay <playername> - Makes a given player lay a chicken
  • /lt trap <playername> - Traps the given player in obsidian walls
  • /lt nocheatplus <playername> <violationlevel> - Broadcasts that the given player is hacking with the given violation level


  • littletroller.op
  • littletroller.deop
  • littletroller.join
  • littletroller.leave
  • littletroller.ban
  • littletroller.unban
  • littletroller.kick
  • littletroller.slap
  • littletroller.marry
  • littletroller.divorce
  • littletroller.steal
  • littletroller.mute
  • littletroller.fart
  • littletroller.reload
  • littletroller.thrust
  • littletroller.kill
  • littletroller.lay
  • littletroller.trap
  • littletroller.nocheatplus


Feel free to give me suggestions, I'm always looking for more to add :) also if you find bugs, let me know so i can fix it ASAP! Also if you would like an extra player on your Minecraft server, PM me the IP :)

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