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  • _ForgeUser8707115 created this issue Apr 7, 2012

    What is the issue?

    Please provide any additional information below.

    Hello, and thank you for even making this amazing plugin!

    I have a question or suggestion that is for you to decide:

    1. How to assign chests to players, so that there can be two master chests "tools", but bound to different players?
    This is because obviously everyone wants to name his chest "tools", and one one had been created, there can be no other, that player now must figure out a different name.

    2. How to remove messages littering the screens such as "opening master chest tools"? Or at least, bind them only to a screen of a user who
    is acting at the moment?
    With many chests in each player quarters, the chests messages is a constant nag.

    3. How many master and linked chests a world can have? We like it so much I am afraid we are going to crash the server.

    4. Is there a way to bind chests to players so that everything, including a permission to open is bound to a player?

    5. Currently, I am running 1.12, and if there are items in the chest being linked, these will disappear, and reappear when master chest status is removed. A bug or a hiding feature?

    Thank you.

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  • _ForgeUser7942218 posted a comment Apr 14, 2012

    Hi, we are using this plugin on our server. I've created nearly 50 chest so far. (Ghomerr and I are admin on this server.

    1. There is no "player" feature. Only chest that can only be used by OP.
    2. The message is very useful to know what you're opening.
    3. As I said, we have 50 chests so far. I suggest to backup the data file of this plugin. If you loose it, you loose a LOT of time linking the chests.
    4. There is no such features for now.
    5. You can create master chest on full chests, but you should only link empty chests as you can only get the stuff back by unlinking this chest (/unlink targeting the chest).

    Edited Apr 14, 2012
  • _ForgeUser8707115 posted a comment May 20, 2012

    Thank you for your response. I run it with permissions where all my users are allowed to use and link linkedchests (but I am the only one OP).

    I was incorrect about message nags. Apparently we were all trying at the same time, that it appeared that we see each other messages. Nope. each only sees his/her own messages. And at that, like you said, it is very informative due to poor targeting in minecraft code.

    I do occasionally encounter a bug where I get "target is not a chest", and yet, I can clearly see that the chest has the selection frame on it. But, this is very small problem.

    Now, there is something else happening, which could be a suggestion for your new version, may-be:

    As we mine, we drop stuff in linked chest, which is a slave of a double chest at the main base. We are running out of space. The mining has been made so efficient exclusively dies to linked chests, that we now have a lot of stuff!

    Would it be a good idea to be able to extend the chest capacity from the linked chest, by placing a chest item in a particular cell? I know I can get up to the base and make another master chest, and that is just fine with me, but, there is no more room at the base! So, I wonder if chest extension can be made by spending a chest, but without having it placed, just by increasing the number of rows?

    Thank you for your plugin!

  • _ForgeUser7744057 posted a comment Aug 28, 2012

    Thank you Warzouz for your answer !

    @Diggers5: Go : I'm sorry, I've not been notified of your ticket... Warzouz has perfectly answered your questions. To complete:

    1. Just name the chest "tool-player" for example. For me: "tools-ghomerr" will do the job ! 2. OK. 3. There is no limitation of chests created except the disk capacity. I've been asked to add a configuration parameter to limit the number of linked chests per master chest but it won't solve the entire problem: you can create as many master chests as you want. I don't know the limit of this because it depends of your server configuration... 4. Someone has asked to add the ability to limit the chest access to the chest creator. Does it fit your wish ? 5. This is normal. The link chest only allows you to open the inventory of the master chest, but its own inventory is not altered. So, when the linked chest is released, it recovers its inventory (you are now able to get it).

    For your last question, I think this is quite difficult. The capacity of the chest is something that cannot be modified easily using Bukkit. It needs to use directly the minecraft code which is not reliable (possible changes, unreadle code, and so on).

    But, I will strongly suggest you to use linked chests as "temporary" means of stuff transportation. You should often empty them. In your mining case: before the mining session: empty the master chests by filling "normal chests" with all your stuff. Then, use the linked chests to save your mining resources. When you are back at your base, retrieve all mining resources and store them in normal chest. I think this will do the job perfectly without thinking of server performance using a large amount of linked chests !

    Keep in mind that this is feature is not a minecraft feature and is not designed to store a huge amount of stuff. The plugin is designed to allow players to share stuff easily.

    Thank you for using my plugin, I hope I've been able to help you !

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