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  • This plugin allows to link chests together.
  • You can link normal and trapped chests.
  • Master trapped chests will generate current, but not Linked trapped chests.
  • This is NOT an "Ender-chest" plugin, as the Linked Chests are community chests.
  • A command is used to create a master chest, then, use a the link command to link another chest to a master chest.
  • You wont be able to destroy a master chest, unless you remove it with the REMOVE command.
  • Master chests are protected against explosions. Linked chests are not protected at all.
  • You wont be able to place a chest near a simple master chest. Place it before adding the master chest.
  • Double master chests seems to not work in versions older than 1.2.3 of Craftbukkit.
  • Master chests and linked chests can be placed in separate worlds.
  • You wont be able to place a chest near a simple master chest. Place it before adding the master chest.
  • Double master chests seems to not work in versions older than 1.2.3 of Craftbukkit.
  • You cannot open linked or master chests if a block is in hand, to avoid a conflict with the shift-click.
  • You can easily move a master chest while keeping all linked chests. You can even move a single master chest to a double master chest and vice versa.

How to install

  • Only put the "LinkedChest-x.x.x.jar" file in your plugins directory, inside the minecraft server directory.
  • At the first run, the directory "LinkedChest" will be created, with the default configuration file "". You can also used provided sample files.
  • Place in the "LinkedChest" directory the "" file corresponding to the language configured in the configuration file.
  • Without any messages files, or with a default messages configuration, there will be internal default English messages which will be used ingame.
  • Plugin data is stored in the files "" and "".
  • The first file contains chest names, their locations and options.
  • The second file contains the linked chest locations, and master chests names.

You will find an archive file named "" with some sample files, like configuration file and messages files.

Sample of messages file :

Sample of default configuration file :

How to configure

Fill the configuration file as you want, using these parameters:

  • debug: Values (true|false) -> Enable/Disable the debug mode. (There is barely no debug messages for now)
  • language: Values (language code) -> Select the messages file corresponding to this configuration.
  • usepermissions: Values (true|false) -> Enable permissions (PermissionsBukkit, PermissionsEx and Native Bukkit's Permissions system are supported).
  • saveallperiod: Values (number of minutes between 2 reload or "disabled") -> Enabled forcing save-all command when a linked/master chest is closed, or when there is a plugins /reload. This configuration can be necessary if players are complaining about stuff which disappear. It should not occur as it was an old bug but laggy players may encounter this bug.

Multilanguage messages

  • You can choose the language of displayed messages ingame.
  • Only put a language code in the language configuration and get or make the corresponding messages file.
  • For example, with a configuration "language=en", you have to use a file named "".
  • You must let the messages variables inside braces "{}" to let the plugin replace them by dynamic parameters, as chest names.
  • Messages variables names does not matter. It is based on variables order.
  • You can also use messages file in UTF-8 encoding. Just enable it in the configuration: useutf8=true.

Permissions Nodes

Supported permissions managers: BukkitPermissions, PermissionEX and native Bukkit Permissions. Native Bukkit permissions manager will be used by default if permissions are enabled (in the configuration file) and if both supported Permissions plugins are missing. If one of Permissions plugins is found, the LinkedChest plugin will try to load them, if it is not already the case. Then it will be used to manage permissions.

Commands permissions:

  • linkedchest.add
  • linkedchest.adminchest
  • linkedchest.aliases
  • linkedchest.config
  • linkedchest.details
  • linkedchest.list
  • linkedchest.move
  • linkedchest.openremote
  • linkedchest.positions
  • linkedchest.remove
  • linkedchest.unlink
  • linkedchest.version

Actions permissions:

  • linkedchest.openadminchest
  • linkedchest.openmasterchest
  • linkedchest.openlinkedchest

How to use

This plugin use the main command /linkedchest. Available aliases: /lc, /lchest, /linkchest. All configuration and data updates are automatically saved.

Following commands use parameters. <c> = command, <n> = chest name, <o> = options, <p> = config param, <v> = config value, <r> = researched letters

For admins by default:

  • /lc add <n> <o> : add a master chest using the chest targeted. Only "a" option is available, to make an admin-only chest
  • /lc admin <n> : toggle the admin status of the given chest
  • /lc config <p> <v> : display the current config or update a configuration parameter. Boolean parameters can be toggle if no value is typed.
  • /lc link <n> : link the targeted chest to a master chest
  • /lc move <n> : move the given master chest to the targeted chest. The target chest must be empty and must be able to contain all items from the chosen master chest. Does not unlink the master chest if it was previously linked.master chest if it was previously linked. Linked chests to the moved master chest remain linked.
  • /lc open : remotely open a chest
  • /lc positions <n> : list all linked chests positions of the chosen master chest. Double linked chests will appear twice for each part of the double chest.
  • /lc remove <n> : remove a master chest
  • /lc unlink (<n>) : unlink the targeted chest or all chests of the given master chests

For users by default:

  • /lc alias <c> : display the aliases of the given command
  • /lc details <n> : display the details of the given chest
  • /lc help <c> : display general help without parameter and the help message of the given command
  • /lc list <r>: display chests list or only chests which start with letters in <r> (use empty parameter or * to display all chests)
  • /lc version : display plugin version

Planned features

  • Add a command to teleport to master (maybe)
  • Requests ?


See the Changelogs page.

Known bugs

  1. If you cannot use commands on a chest surrounded by snow (or other transparent block) try to use commands by being on top of the chest and by targeting it from above.
  2. If you play with a Bukkit version less than 1.2, double chests won't work properly with my plugin. You will be able to make single master chests only.
  3. NEW: This problem should be fixed since the version 1.2.4 of LinkedChest. OLD: A very strange problem appears when you create a master chest in a new area (new chunks) and link a chest to this master chest. Then add some items trough the linked chest. Then /reload the plugins. The actions done on the linked chest are not taken into account and items added or removed are not saved. To avoid this problem, use /save-all command to force the inventory to be saved. Then, if you /reload the plugins, actions on linked chests should be correctly saved.
Problem with saving files
  • If you encounter some problems with saving file, for instance the data file ( or or the configuration file (linkedchest.config).
  • If you know how to change the rights of these files (using chmod) do it and make to 777 to avoid problems.
  • If you don't know of to modify files rights, just copy the file content somewhere, or move the files from the plugin directory (LinkedChest). Reload the plugin which make it recreate these files with full "rights" on these files. Then, paste the content previously copied in these new files.
  • The sample files have been created on windows so they could have restricted rights which could prevent the plugin to modify them.
In case of Emergency

Break the glass ! And open a ticket here. Please provide debug logs by enabling it with the debug configuration or enabling it ingame with the right command.


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