Updated to CB1.6.2 - Please download LinGift v1.0 and delete your old LinGift config to generate the new one


This is a fork from abandoned GiftSend by Nitnelave who gave the plugin to me which was a fork from the abandoned SendGift


This plugin allows players to send items to each other. But this is different to the /give command, it does not generate the items out (like a cheater does), but takes them from the sender's inventory. You can send items to players offline (configurable), and they will get it when they log in! You can set a fee for sending items. Permissions is optional, with OP fallback. Basically like trading THIS MAY (if the LinPlugin series works) BE PART OF IT Economy supported


  • You can send items to other players via a simple command
  • You can send items to players offline, they'll get them when they log in (configurable).
  • Maximum range people can send items (configurable)
  • Allow cross world transfers (configurable, disallow offline transfers to enforce)
  • Fee per transaction.
  • Supports Permissions, but has OP fallback, or just allow-everyone (configurable)
  • Supports both item IDs and item names
  • Supports colored wool and damaged tools (sends the first tool it finds, damaged or not)
  • Supports OddItem for item names
  • Supports Vault Economy for transaction fee


  • /lingift <player> <amount> (item name or ID) (damage or color ID)


  • /linsend <player> <amount> (item name or ID) (damage or color ID)
  • /gift <player> <amount> (item name or ID) (damage or color ID)
  • /send <player> <amount> (item name or ID) (damage or color ID)

The item defaults to the one you're holding if not specified.

Permission Nodes

NOTE: Nodes are (case sensitive)

  • LinGift.send to allow sending items
  • LinGift.nofee to allow sending for free (requires the send node)

To Do List

None ATM

Known Bugs

  • Reload glitch Fixed in LinGift v1.0
    DO NOT USE /reload WITH THIS PLUGIN ON YOUR SERVER because whole plugin breaks and sometimes you will have to redownload it

Change log

Version 1.1
  • Updated to Craftbukkit/Minecraft/Spigot 1.8 +
  • Internal code format
  • Remove UpdateChecker and replaced with Gravity updater
  • Swapped from Vault to VaultAPI 1.5
Version 1.0
  • Updated to Craftbukkit 1.6.2
  • Fixed reload error
  • Reworked whole plugin
  • Changed command usage
  • Updated config
  • Update Checking support / configurable
Version 0.9
  • RELEASE Version 0.9
  • Added to bukkit dev
  • Fixed Deprecated OddItem import
  • Project name changed to : LinGift
Version 0.8.2
  • Project name : Gift send
  • RELEASED by Nitnelave HERE
Version 1.22:a
  • Made by lonelydime HERE


We don't make plugins because we have to, we make it because we want to. If you like this plugin alot Plz Donate HERE

Source Code

Source Code can be found HERE on GitHub


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