Ever tired of trying to find a simple to understand chat plugin, Frustrated about the complex and hard to understand configuration. Every wonder why your chat isn't formatted the way you want it. Well Its your LUCKY day YOU just found LinChat


Note: LinChat is NOT a permissions plugin
LinChat is a simple light weight plugin which needs barely any setting up and be ready to use. The total amount of setup time is round about 5 minutes. LinChat uses a easy to understand config structure to setup groups for prefix, suffix, chatcolor. Head to the configuration section to find out more
LinChat currently Supports the follow functions:

  • Global chat formatting
  • Group formatting
  • Prefix
  • Suffix
  • Group Chatcolor


All LinChat commands are accessible by either /linchat or /lc

/linchatDisplays basic infonone
/linchat helpDisplays the help page-
/linchat reloadReloads all the configuration- linchat.reload


- linchat.chatAllows permission holder to chatop
- linchat.colorAllows permission holder to use colors in chatop
- linchat.helpAllows the usage of the help commandop
- linchat.reloadAllows the usage of the reload commandop

Bellow are a list of wildcard nodes

- linchat.opContains all of the op defaulted permissionsop


Click HERE to head to the configuration page


Key: B - Bug fix, N - Newly Added, C - Change

Version 1.0

  • Initial release - Minecraft version 1.6.4
  • (N) - Prefix, Suffix, ChatColor Support
  • (N) - Groups
  • (N) - Configuration
  • (N) - Permission nodes for LinChat

To Do:

  1. UpdateChecker
  2. Multiworld Support
  3. Commands to edit the config
  4. Nickname features
  5. Vault support
  6. Permissions Plugins Support Feel free to add to this list in the comments

Like to Help?

Comment here or PM me and ill find a job for you

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