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Created for Moti12321, This plugin limits the amount of animals that can spawn in a given radius. Once the spawn limit has been reached within the given radius, no matter the spawn reason, the new entity that would have been spawned will be removed. Everything is configurable via the Config.

Installation Information

The first time you start up the server with this plugin installed in the \plugins folder, the plugin will create a config file. Naturally, the radius is 50 blocks in every direction (totaling up to 101 blocks) and the amount of animals per radius is 25. If you wish to change the radius or the max amount of animals per radius, you can edit the values via the config. I have clearly labeled each path to make it as user friendly as possible. To exclude limitations to certain creature types, set the limit to a negative number (e.g. -1), which will let the plugin know to skip.



  • Added more Neutural Mob Support
  • Added Hostile Mob Support
  • Added Nether-Mob Support
  • Added Ender- Mob Support
  • Added Wither Support
  • Clean up code
  • If there is a mob not supported by the plugin, It will no longer delete the mob (happened on rare occasions)


  • Fixed config not loading.
  • Added /LimitSpawns reload to reload the config. Can be accessed by player and console.

1.0: Just released.


I am still open to suggestions, so if you want me to include other entities to the list, post in the comments which mob I should add next.

I am planning on adding hostile mob control, variant Entity control such as skeleton horses and donkeys, and an in-game Menu for adjusting the config values.

I should be updating this once a week until it is complete.


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