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  • blablubb created this issue Jun 8, 2013

    I am searching for a plugin so I can give some of my normal users (builders) worldedit rights without having to worry that they crash the server or destroy other peoples stuff.

    This is what I would need:
    * allow worldediting only in a defined area (region) (I guess this plugin allows people to worldedit in all of their regions, but I would like to limit it to certain regions only... so maybe you would have to add "own regions" or somehow add a region flag)
    * support for other worldedit tools as well (brushes for example) to give them the chance to probably use it generate landscapes: you could retrive the changed blocks via WorldEdits api and only change blocks which are inside the region
    * limit how many blocks can be changed at a time so that they can't crash or lag the server: maybe limits for each tool

    Thanks in regards!

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  • blablubb posted a comment Jun 30, 2013

    Any progress on this?

  • hockeymikey posted a comment Jul 20, 2014

    Any updates on progress?

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