Teleportation, Warps and Homes - with highly adaptable Limits

LimitedTeleport is a teleportation plugin with common features, such as teleporting to coordinates, to spawn, to players, home and a return function, to get to the location the player teleported from last time. The difference to other teleportation plugins is, that every player has an own amount of available teleportations, that regenerates by configured interval and amount.

So, for example, a player has two teleportations available when the server starts. Every 30 minutes the amount of available teleports is increased by one, up to the himark of 5 available teleports. Whenever he uses one of the commands below, his amount of available teleports becomes decreased by one. Of course all these values can be configured.

Commands and permissions:

* /ltp (at the moment this is the only command)
  • <player> : ltp.player - teleports the executor to <player>
  • <player1> <player2> : ltp.playertoplayer - teleports <player1> to <player2>
  • spawn : ltp.spawn - teleports the executor to the spawn of the world he is in
  • spawn [<player>] : ltp.spawn and ltp.other - teleports <player> to the spawn of the world the executor is in
  • <x> <y> <z> : ltp.coords - teleports the executor to the given coordinates
  • <x> <y> <z> [<player>] : ltp.coords and ltp.coordsother - teleports <player> executor to the given coordinates
  • home : ltp.home - teleports the executor to his home
  • sethome : ltp.home - sets the executors home to the point he´s at
  • return : ltp.return - teleports the executor to the location he teleported from last time
Warp parameters:
  • warp create <name> : ltp.privatewarps - Creates a warp private for the executor
  • warp create public <name> : ltp.publicwarps.create - Creates a warp for all players that have permission to use public warps
  • warp delete <name> : ltp.privatewarps - Deletes a warp
  • warp delete public <name> : ltp.publicwarps.delete - Deletes a public warp
  • warp/warps list : ltp.privatewarps - Lists all private warps of the executor
  • warp/warps list public : ltp.publicwarps.use - Lists all public warps
  • warp <name> : ltp.privatewarps / ltp.publicwarps.use - Teleports to a private or public warp called <name>, if both (private and public) exist, the executor will be teleportet to the private warp
  • warp public <name> : ltp.publicwarps.use - Teleports to a public warp
  • <name> : ltp.privatewarps / ltp.publicwarps.use - Does the same as "/ltp warp <name>" exept that you can skip the "warp" and you can't teleport to warps whose names equal to players' names or other parameters (home, warp, ...)
Further permissions
  • ltp.nolimit - Disables the limit of teleportations (for example for OPs)
  • ltp.publicwarps.* - Contains permissions ltp.publicwarps.use, ltp.publicwarps.create, ltp.publicwarps.delete
  • ltp.* - contains all permissions exept the ltp.nolimit-permission, ops have this permission by default


  • AvailableAtStart: 2 - How often players can teleport when the plugin is loaded
  • regenInterval: 30 - How often all player's amount of available teleportations gets increased
  • regenAmount: 1 - How many available teleportations the players get every regenInterval
  • regenMax: 4 - How many available teleportations the players can save up
  • TeleportDelayEnabled - Whether players have to wait a specified time after executing a teleportation command until they really get teleported
  • TeleportDelayMillis - How long they have to wait in milliseconds ( 1 second = 1000 milliseconds )


  • configurable op-permissions
  • thinking about additional features, cleaning up code

Known issues:

  • none - if you find some, please tell me

Version history / change log

version 2.2 - bugfix and updated 1.25 version - 2012-10-2
  • fixed a bug which made players with capitalized letters in their usernames not be able to use home
  • created an updated version for 1.25 servers as Tekkit
version 2.1 - bugfix - 2012-07-31
  • changed permissions so that ops have all permissions except the ltp.nolimit permission
  • fixed problems with the "flying-up-into-the-sky-effect"
  • fixed return parameter not working after teleportation to a warp
version 2.0 - warps and security - 2012-07-30
  • added warp functions
  • added configurable delay before someone gets teleported
  • added rpotection against teleportation into solid blocks so that you can't get stuck in them
  • added an experimental effect that makes the player fly up into the sky before getting teleported
  • changed permissions so that ops don't have any permissions
version 1.0 - initial release - 2012-07-11
  • containes all features exept the warp functions


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