A lot of Bugs #185

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Assigned to jpossi
  • _ForgeUser10296658 created this issue Jan 31, 2014

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1. Fix the sign interaction. Plugins like CreativeControl can stop all interaction.
    2. Save inventories! Every time the server restarts with a playing in Creative mode when they log back in their creative inventory is their survival inventory!
    3. Stop Potions. And being able to put the items in your inventory at all if the item is blacklisted.

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

    What version of the product are you using?
      »Never ever answer "Latest"!!!« V 2.3 Beta 1.7.2

    Do you have an error log of what happened?
    No errors.

    Please provide any additional information below.

  • _ForgeUser10296658 added the tags New Defect Jan 31, 2014

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