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This mod occasionally turns some monsters into a stronger version, boss-like. Its main purpose is to add a little diversity (and difficulty) to the combat aspect of the game.

Technically every monster spawning naturally in your world has a chance to become a boss, which hits harder, has more hit points and can possesses some immunities and abilities. Each boss can also have its own drop table. Of course all of this is configurable.

Moreover, they can notify you of their presence by sending you a message when you hit them, when they hit you, or after a certain amount of time if you're close enough. To make them distinguishable they can also have a flaming effect around them (the one used by mob spawners).

Almost everything is configurable, and if it isn't yet, it soon will be (at least I try)! (✿◠‿◠)

Configuration files

Likeaboss comes with different configuration files that are automatically generated with default values as an example.

  • config.yml
    This file controls global values that doesn't fit in other files; such as commands parameters, messages, state of the anti-grinding protection, and internal task intervals.
  • equipments.yml
    This is where you create equipments for your bosses. Any name can be used, they will be used as identifiers latter. When you create an equipment you'll have to provide a type (helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots or weapon) and a material ID. You also have the possibility to set a drop chance and to add multiple enchantments.
  • abilities.yml
    This one allows you to create different abilities for your bosses, like for equipments any name can be used. When you create an ability you'll have to provide certain fields depending on its type, the default file contains all available abilities with their needed parameters. You can create more than one ability per type as long as the name is different.
  • bosses.yml
    This one allows you to create different bosses. Any name can be used, this allows you to create multiple bosses per entity type. You can assign any created ability and equipment to any boss, you can also specify an assignation chance for each of the equipments and abilities. Bosses can also have their own drop table and immunities.
  • worldname.yml
    World files are generated only if the previous ones aren't, but you can create them yourself. This is where you add bosses to a world. You can also add some global abilities, immunities (overridden by bosses') and drops that will be used by each boss on this world.

Permissions and commands

lab.* helpDisplay the list of commands
lab.reload/lab reloadReloads configuration files. saveForces the saving of player's data. infoDisplays some global and non-lasting stats.
lab.clear/lab clearResets stats given by /lab info.
lab.list/lab listDisplays the location and distance of active bosses.
lab.stats/lab stats [player]Displays the leaderboard, or player stats.
lab.viewer/lab viewerToggles viewer state, which allows to see boss healths.
lab.ignore/lab ignoreToggles ignore state, which allows to not be affected by bosses.
lab.ignore.immediateAllows to bypass the /lab ignore delay
lab.spawn/lab spawn <boss> [amount]Spawns one or multiple bosses on the targeted block.

Known issues

Have you found a bug that isn't listed below? You can either leave a comment on this page, create a thread on the forum or submit a ticket. The last two options allow for a better tracking.

  • None as of 2.4.1!

Upcoming features

Feel free to suggest features that you'd like to see being implemented; either by adding a comment bellow, by creating a thread on the forum, or by submitting a ticket.

  • More abilities (I try to add at least one per update, next one to come: Thief).
  • Better support for sub entity types (Skeleton wither, small and medium slimes...).
  • Extended spawning system (possibility to make bosses spawn at a certain location for example).
  • Configurable events.


If you'd like to support my work, a donation of any amount would be greatly welcomed
There's a button at the top right of this page to do so.


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