This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.




Planned features

Next version: 2.4b

Black denotes a planned feature, orange denotes a completed feature that is being tested, green denotes a finished feature, and red denotes a canceled feature.

  • Add GUI for jobs and shipments.

Please make a ticket with more suggestions.

About LightRP

LightRP is a plugin developed solely by Mustafa Kalash (a.k.a., hockeygoalie5/tsai) with support from modern_ninja akiir, and FussyCashew. With the rise in popularity of other great games being ported into Minecraft, it was only a matter of time before more Garry's Mod small, fun game modes would find their way over. Garry's Mod's beloved game mode, DarkRP, stood the test of time; despite its simplistic nature, it has expanded exponentially and is one of the most popular game modes still. Now, Minecraft can enjoy the fun and kookiness provided by this game mode. LightRP gets its name in two ways: As a salute to its predecessor, and to showcase its basic game mechanics and the comical role play experience it brings. The game is simple: You can pick a job, buy a few items, kill a couple of guys, and retire to a life as a drug dealer. Well, something like that. The concept is that while the game gives you a lot to play with, the gameplay itself is completely up to the people playing. It's a sandbox, just waiting for someone to forcibly knock down its sand castles while holding the mayor hostage.


  • No extra installation required; all information is stored in a SQLite database stored within the plugin's files
  • Completely customizable jobs
  • Money/item bank
  • Most features easily customized in the configuation
  • Custom items (e.g., keys, lock pick, money printers, etc.)
  • Doors that can be set to be purchased by players, owned by certain jobs, or simply unownable
  • System with which players can elect people to certain jobs
  • Colored armor to match player's job color
  • Players can spawn in items to sell depending on their job
  • Custom chat system in which players can talk normally, shout, whisper, use radios, speak out-of-character to the entire server, or - for a price - send an in-character advertisement to the whole server
  • Players can take drugs to obtain helpful, hurtful, or just plain fun effects
  • Saddled pigs double as player-owned cars
  • Police wanted list and warrant system
  • Lock picks will unlock doors and cars, but take time to use; battering rams allow police to enter criminals' hide-outs when they have a warrant
  • Custom economy system including a lottery



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