Lift Signs is an open source plugin that allows your users to create "[Lift up]" and "[Lift down]" signs much like CraftBook. The point of this plugin is to provide this simple capability as a single plugin for those who want it without everything else that comes with CraftBook. Further this plugin is intentionally provided as open source so you are free to download, view and modify the source (GPL license), which is actually the primary reason it was written since the only other alternative today (SignLift) is a closed source plugin.


  • Download LiftSign.jar and put into your plugins directory
  • Restart or live-load using the excellent PlugMan or PluginReloader plugins
  • Add permissions for your users (liftsign.normal.use and liftsign.normal.create)


Your users can create "[Lift up]", "[Lift down]" and "[Lift]" signs by putting those strings on the second line of the sign. Since this is designed to function exactly the same as CraftBook elevators, please refer to the CraftBook elevator wiki for examples.

Youtube demo video, courtesy of @IngrownPenguin:

Dev builds

  • Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.
  • Jenkins

Why is the plugin file so big?

The basic reason is because I care more about good development practices and a maintainable plugin than I do about download size in the current age of fast networks.

LiftSign uses a development pattern known as Inversion Of Control (IoC) to make its code very flexible and easily testable. The use of the Google Guice IoC library adds size to shade into the plugin - the actual plugin code is only 20Kb, but the included libraries make it larger when shaded. The upshot is LiftSign uses well-tested common libraries and thanks to IoC making it easier to write unit tests, its own code is also well-tested at 72% unit test coverage; most plugins don't have any unit tests at all. (LiftSign code stats available here)

Source code

Click on the repository tab to find the github link.


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