40 changelog

New features! See the next section on the new configuration options if you wish to play with them.

  • Multiple floor types are now possible! You can now have a disco floor!
  • If a wood or stone button is placed on the block behind the top sign of a floor it will output a redstone signal. Now possible to add lights or noteblocks to signal an arrival!
  • Your lifts can now have carpets. Carpets will vanish and restore like other floor blocks.
  • Lift floors can now have all rail types and redstone wires.

Bug Fixes!

  • Wool and wood colors and types are now handled correctly.
  • Note on the shooting arrow on button breaks Lift bug: From what I have read there is no way to check the block an arrow hits without breaking support for other bukkit servers like Spigot (if you do know of a plugin tell me. I want to check their code). The three options are to break spigot support, remove wood buttons, or disable arrows.

There have been a number of configuration changes. There is no automatic upgrade so if you edited the configuration you will need to change the new additions (oh stop whining the config is only a few lines!). If you have not touched the config then you are fine :)

  • floorBlock is now floorBlocks. floorBlocks is a list of materials (link to java doc). Make sure you don't use the same materials as the base blocks. I have some checks for this but you may get undesired results if you do. You can safely delete the old floorBlock option.
  • checkGlass has been renamed checkFloor. Default still false. If checkFloor is false and one of your floors has an airblock it will be replaced with the first material in floorBlocks. You can safely delete the old checkGlass line.


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