Hardcore for the weak of heart


Lifetaker is hardcore with a life count. You start with X lives, and when you run out, you're banned. Simple as that. Complete description below.

Lifetaker is a simple mod that allows players on a psuedo-hardcore server to start with a finite amount of lives. This plugin encourages PVP because the only way to earn more lives is by killing your fellow players. When you die you are notified about your remaining life count, and if you die via PVP, your are informed when another player has taken one of your lives. When a player loses their final life they are banned from the server.

Installation & Configuration

How to use this plugin on your server
  • Download - Save the .jar file to your plugins folder.
  • Restart - /stop and restart your server!
  • Configure - Change the settings in the generated /plugins/Lifetaker/config.yml to your liking. Currently the only option to worry about is startwith : 10. This sets how many lives a new player will receive. The default is 10. Please note that this config file will contain a placeholder for MySQL database details, but a database is not currently implemented.
  • Restart - Restart your server once more, if you changed the starting lives from 10, that is.


  • None - There are currently no commands. The only way to change a player life count, or check another player's life count is through Admin Intervention, aka, viewing the /plugins/Lifetaker/lives.yml file directly. When a user is banned on their final death, they can be pardoned with the generic/stock /pardon.


  • None - There are currently no permissions. Everyone has a finite amount of lives.

Example Scenario

Let's pretend Vince and Matt are playing on a server with Lifetaker
  • Decrement Lives - When Vince dies, his lives are decremented. If this is the first time he's died while Lifetaker was enabled, an entry will be created in lives.yml to indicate he has 1 less than the initial starting number of lives, as defined in the config.yml
  • Increment lives - When a Matt sneaks up on, and kills Vince, Matt's total number of remaining lives is incremented. Similar to the first scenario, if this is the first time Matt has been examined by Lifetaker, his lives will now be set to one more than the initial starting life count. And once again, Vince's lives will be decremented.
  • Notification - On each of the events listed above, the players involved will be notified.
  • Logging - The above incidents will be logged to console.
  • Banning - When Vince inevitably runs out of lives, he will be kicked and banned from the server.
  • Notification - Whenever a life is lost or exchanged, or when a player joins the server, they are told how many lives they have left.
  • Join - Players are notified of their remaining life count when they join the server.

Future plans

  • Commands - Allow players with the proper permission to add lives back to players, and check lives of other players.
  • Permissions -  Permission to add lives back to players, and check lives of other players, and perhaps an unlimited lives permission.
  • Jail instead of Ban - Maybe you want to go easy on those dead kids.

Feel free to try the current beta release. Please make suggestions, comments, or complaints in the comments below.


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