Lifestones are stationary devices that players can attune to. When they die they are resurrected at the last lifestone they used.


  • An admin can create lifestones throughout their server.
  • A player punches a button to attune to the lifestone.
  • Upon death or /command, the user will return to their last used lifestone.
  • Users can then choose, build and decorate their own respawn area.
  • Lifestones can also serve as save points in adventure/event worlds


  • Java 6+
  • A permissions plugin.


  • MySQL
  • WorldBorder, for randomTP command.


  • Add the Lifestones.jar to your server.
  • Add Lifestones' permissions to your permission plugin.
  • Create a lifestone somewhere.
  • Enjoy


  • /lifestone : Recall to your lifestone.
  • /lifestones create : Create a lifestone at your location.
  • /lifestones reload: Reload the plugin and config.
  • /lifestones randomtp: Teleport to a random location in your current world.
  • /lifestones list: List all registered lifestones.
  • /lifestones tp [index]: Teleport to a lifestone from the list.
  • /lifestones near: Get the nearest lifestone to the user.
  • /lifestones attunement list: List all player attunement points.
  • /lifestones attunement tp: Teleport to a player's attunement point.
  • /lifestones attunement setdefault: Set the server's default attunement point, new players to the server get auto attuned there.
  • /lifestones release: Release attunement to your current lifestone, if needed.


  • lifestones.*
    • lifestones.user
    • lifestones.admin
  • lifestones.user
    • lifestones.recall
    • lifestones.attune
    • lifestones.release
  • lifestones.admin
    • lifestones.create
    • lifestones.breaklifestone
    • lifestones.modifyprotectedblocks
    • lifestones.reload
    • lifestones.randomtp
    • lifestones.list
    • lifestones.near
    • lifestones.attunement
  • lifestones.attunement
    • lifestones.attunement.setdefault: true
    • lifestones.attunement.list: true
    • true


use-metrics: Let know you're running the plugin.

  • mysql: Typical mysql info.
  • preferAsyncDBCalls: Run DB save/loading in a separate thread, helps aleve lag.
  • setUnregisteredLifestonesToAir: When breaking (removing) a lifestone, set all the lifestone blocks to air.
  • protectLifestoneRadius: Block radius around a lifestone to protect from modification.
  • debugMessages: some debug messages.
  • attuneDelay: delay in seconds to attune to a lifestone.
  • recallDelay: delay in seconds to recall to a lifestone.
  • protectPlayerAfterRecallDuration: Duration in seconds to protect players from PvP after recalling.
  • randomTPRadius: Radius around 0,0 to random teleport someone.
  • rowsPerPage: How many lifestones per page to show in the list command.
  • lookAtNearestLS: When using the near command, aim the user in the direction of the block.
  • callBlockPlaceEvent: Call block placement events so other plugins can log the lifestone place/break.
  • localeFile: File to pull message strings from.
  • allowPerWorldAttunement: Player returns to their lifestone in the current world.
  • fallbackToOtherWorldLifestone: Fallback to attunement in other worlds if player hasn't attuned in their current world.


This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to

  • A unique identifier
  • The server's version of Java
  • Whether the server is in offline or online mode
  • The plugin's version
  • The server's version
  • The OS version/name and architecture
  • The core count for the CPU
  • The number of players online
  • The Metrics version

Read more here. This functionality can be disabled in the config file.

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