LifeStolen is just another LifeSteal plugin, this plugin is meant to be used for LifeSteal servers, SMPs, or events
 For early releases, check out the GitHub Releases page for this plugin. And for help with the plugin (or if you just wanna stay and chill) I have a Discord.

/resethp - Resets everyones hearts back to what you have it set to in the config (Default Permission: lifestolen.resethealth) (Before Snapshot 2.0, the command was /resethealth)

/giveheart - Gives you a heart item. (Default Permission: lifestolen.giveheart)

/sethealth - Sets the players health. (Default Permission: lifestolen.sethealth)

/addhealth - Adds to the players health. (Default Permission: lifestolen.addhealth)

/removehealth - Removes from the players health. (Default Permission: lifestolen.removehealth)

/health - Shows how much health you have. (Permission: None)

/withdraw - Withdraws a heart. (Permission: None)

/reloadls - Reloads the config (Default Permission: lifestolen.reload)

/lshelp - Shows every command with the plugin (Permission: None)


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