version 0.9
-Can only revive if you have atleast 2 lives! (still only use 1)
-Instead of banning the server kicks if you join with 0 lives.
-Inventory is cleared apon losing your last life. (fix to a weird bug)
-No longer start with 0 lives, but with 1.
version 1.0
-Fixed joining server with 0 lives if new.
-Added more arguments to /lives command.
version 1.1
-Fixed some bugs.
-Ops can now use all the arguments of /lives on offline players!
version 1.2
-Bug fixes.
-Added configurable file.
version 1.3
-Added data folder for player life info.
NOTE: If you had an older version when you install this make sure to move over the old player files into the new "Data" directory under the LifeMC folder.
version 1.4
-A message is now broadcasted on the server when someone is revived and by who.
-Starting lives is now configurable. NOTE: You must delete your old property file!!!
-1.4.1: Major bug fix!
version 1.5
-Added permission nodes!
-1.5.1: No more annoying messages when a player attempts to join but is dead! Commands will no longer create fake player files.
version 1.6
-Added new permission nodes: lifemc.livesbuying and lifemc.ondeathloselife
-Added life buying feature that uses iConomy (If you do not have iConomy it will not interfere with your server)
-Added new things to config file. (This version will create a new config titled "(v1.6)config")
NOTE: Make sure you check out the new commands!
version 1.7
-Updated to the new event handler and is now compatible with the latest craftbukkit build!


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