Suggestions for LifeMC #5

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Assigned to _ForgeUser7539886
  • madtomic created this issue Dec 24, 2014

    Suggestion: Instead of ban, how about drop inventory when have no lives. Add-on feature to the current Ban when have no live left. Inventory drop if you ran out of life otherwise, player inventory is protected.

    Suggestion: Player can gain life while they are playing in game. For example: Gain a life during the hour of min: 0 and max: 2000 the player had to be in game during this time to gain a life. Message: You survived another night, You gain 1 life!

    Suggestion: Permission for different groups to have different max lifes? Example: Member and VIPs.

  • madtomic added the tags New Enhancment Dec 24, 2014

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