Libelula Protection Blocks Configuration Page

This file describes the configuration keys of this plugin. You can change the configuration by editing the config.yml file located in the plugin's folder. Please remember this is a yaml file, so you can't use tabs, you have to use spaces instead.

Default flags for placed protection blocks

You can use any WorldGuard compatible flag here, the special tag %player% will be replaced by the player name, it is also imported from the old protection stones plugin (if you are using it). The values for "greeting" and "farewell" are references to your i18n file, you can change them from your .properties file or remove them if you want to leave them empty.


The default configuration is:

    greeting: greeting-default-flag
    farewell: farewell-default-flag
    pvp: deny
    creeper-explosion: deny
    tnt: deny
    fire-spread: deny
    ghast-fireball: deny
    enderman-grief: deny
    leaf-decay: deny

Player Configurable Flags

A list of WorldGuard flags than normal users can configure for their regions.


By default I have included all WorldGuard flags except those can be "dangerous":

  - build
  - chest-access
  - creeper-explosion
  - enderdragon-block-damage
  - enderman-grief
  - enderpearl
  - entity-item-frame-destroy
  - entity-painting-destroy
  - farewell
  - fire-spread
  - ghast-fireball
  - grass-growth
  - greeting
  - ice-form
  - ice-melt
  - lava-fire
  - lava-flow
  - leaf-decay
  - lighter
  - lightning
  - mob-damage
  - mob-spawning
  - passthrough
  - pistons
  - potion-splash
  - pvp
  - sleep
  - snow-fall
  - snow-melt
  - tnt
  - use
  - vehicle-destroy
  - vehicle-place
  - water-flow

Plugin messages prefix

Put the name of your server here.

prefix: '&1[&6Libelula PB&1]&e '


Remember that a file called i18n_<lang>_<country>.properties must to exists. The default configuration is the following one so a file called will be loaded from the plugin/lang directory.

lang: en
country: US

Ignored Worlds

A list with the names of the worlds which are ignored by this plugin (protection blocks cannot be placed there).


For example:

  - creative
  - farwest
  - skyblock


  1. Allow players to have multiple Protection Blocks.
  2. Players need before they can have more than 1 protection.
  3. You can set the default number of multiple homes using the 'default' rank below.
  4. To remove the home limit entirely, give people ''.
  5. To grant different home amounts to different people, you need to define a 'home-rank' below.
  6. Create the 'home-rank' below, and give the matching permission:<home-rank>
  default: 3
  vip: 5
  staff: 10

Special flags

Here are configured the special flags which affects protection blocks. The default configuration tells the plugin which materials will be replaced for automatic fences when a +FENCE protection block is placed:

    replace-materials: [AIR, LONG_GRASS, FENCE, DOUBLE_PLANT, 

Shop configuration

The configuration for creating shops.

  enable: true
  sign-first-line: [lpb]
  price-decimals: 2
  owner-name: Admin Shop

Autosave options

  enabled: true
  interval-minutes: 5
  log-messages: false


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