Libelula Protection Blocks Configuration Page

This file describes the configuration keys of this plugin. You can change the configuration by editing the config.yml file located in the plugin's folder. Please remember this is a yaml file, so you can't use tabs, you have to use spaces instead.

Default flags for placed protection blocks

You can use any WorldGuard compatible flag here, the special tag %player% will be replaced by the player name, it is also imported from the old protection stones plugin (if you are using it).


The default configuration is:

    farewell: You are entering into the %player%'s area.
    greeting: You are leaving the %player%'s area.
    use: deny

Player Configurable Flags

A list of WorldGuard flags than normal users can configure for their regions.


By default I have included all WorldGuard flags except those can be "dangerous":

  - build
  - chest-access
  - creeper-explosion
  - enderdragon-block-damage
  - enderman-grief
  - enderpearl
  - entity-item-frame-destroy
  - entity-painting-destroy
  - farewell
  - fire-spread
  - ghast-fireball
  - grass-growth
  - greeting
  - ice-form
  - ice-melt
  - lava-fire
  - lava-flow
  - leaf-decay
  - lighter
  - lightning
  - mob-damage
  - mob-spawning
  - passthrough
  - pistons
  - potion-splash
  - pvp
  - sleep
  - snow-fall
  - snow-melt
  - tnt
  - use
  - vehicle-destroy
  - vehicle-place
  - water-flow

Old Protection Stones Backward Compatibility

This is an automatic generated configuration, please do not modify it.

  imported: false
  mode: new
  full-y-axis: false
  auto-hide: false
  no-drops: false


Language configuration, possible values are:

  • en - English.
  • es - Spain Spanish.
  • esMX - Latam Spanish.
  • it - Italian.
  • pt - Portuguese
language: en

Ignored Worlds

A list with the names of the worlds which are ignored by this plugin (protection blocks cannot be placed there).


For example:

  - creative
  - farwest
  - skyblock


Sets a limit to the amount of protection a player can activate. This limits may depend on the player permissions so you can configure Libelula Protection Blocks to allow special users to have more Activated Protection Blocks than normal ones. As shown below the key is deactivated by default:

  active: false
    default: 2

A boolean key for activating the "per player protection block limit". It's set to false by default.

  active: false


A table of permissions names and limits. By default it only has the "default" (no permission) set to 2. But you can use it for adding different limits for different players depending on them permissions. This is an example of the values for a common server:

  active: true
    default: 2
    IronVIP: 5
    GoldVIP: 10
    DiamondVIP: 30

And this is an example of the permissions for each group regarding to previous example configuration:

Kind of playerpermission to setLimit
Default playersHas no special permissionsA maximum of 2 protection block by player can be placed.
Iron VIP maximum of 5 protection block by player can be placed.
Gold VIP maximum of 10 protection block by player can be placed.
Diamond VIP maximum of 30 protection block by player can be placed. no limit.

Clean Old Protections

It is deactivated by default, if it is activated the plugin will automatically remove all protection from inactive players. The default configuration is shown bellow:

  active: false
  policy: ALL
  days: 30


Decide the policy to be used to determine if protection block is abandoned (and auto-removed). It has two possible values:

  • ALL: It means that all members of the protection must have no played for longer than configured days.
  • OWNERS: It means that only the protection owners must have no played for longer than configured days for erasing it. This option ignores having active players as members.


The number of days that must elapse since the last time the player has played on the server to determine which protection has been abandoned (and auto-remove ir).


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