Libelula Protection Blocks Commands and Permission Page


  • /ps help shows the list of commands and it usage.
  • /ps add [player] <player 2> <player 3> ... - Give permissions to players to your protected region.
  • /ps del [player] <player 2> <player 3> ... - Removes other player permissions from your protected region.
  • /ps hide - Hides the protection stone (makes it invisible).
  • /ps unhide [force] - Uncovers a protection stone (makes it visible again).
  • /ps flag list - Lists available flags to be changed.
  • /ps [flag name] [flag value] - Sets a flag for your region, example: /ps PVP deny
  • /ps info - Shows current region information: Flags, Members, etc.
  • /ps reload - Reloads plugin configuration.
  • /ps create [length] [height] [width] - creates a new Protection Block from item in hand. (You can also use /ps create [value] for use the same value on the 3 axes, all values must be odd, a height value of 0 means unlimited).
  • /ps version - Shows the plugin name, author and version.
  • /ps remove-all-ps <player> - Removes all placed protection blocks owned by a player.
  • /ps +fence - Add the "+Fence" flag to a protection block held in the hand. When this protection block is placed a fence appears on the bounding borders of the protected area.

(All commands which starts with /ps + are flags, so they requiere pb.modifyflags permission to be executed)


  • pb.*: Gives access to all Libelula Protection Blocks functions.
  • pb.addmember.others: Allows player to add members to other player protection blocks.
  • pb.break.others: Allows player to remove other player protection blocks.
  • pb.create: Allows player to create protection block from a block in hand.
  • pb.removemember.others: Allows player to remove members to other player protection blocks.
  • Allows player to create sign's shops.
  • pb.version: Allows player to see plugin Name, version and creator.
  • pb.unhide.force: Allows player to unhide not hidden or stolen protection blocks.
  • pb.remove.all: Allows player to remove all protection blocks from a player.
  • pb.reload: Allows player to reload plugin configuration.
  • pb.modifyflags: Allows player to modify protection blocks flags.
  •[set name]: Raise the multiple active protection limit to a setting defined in the config file. (see configuration page)
  • Allows player to to have an unlimited amount of active protection blocks.


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