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  • Forge_User_06019889 created this issue Aug 21, 2015

    Im having the same error all over again and i dont know what is it.
    And there is other thing.I have set the node in which the admins cant break other stones, - -pb.remove.all, - -pb.removemember.others,  - -pb.break.others, - -pb.removemember.others, but they can still break a placed block(ive tryed it with a admin of mine and he can break my block, which i have created).Any leads or help about it?
    Thank's in advance!

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  • _ForgeUser10764876 posted a comment Aug 22, 2015

    Probably the permissions error you're reporting are related to the errors you have in console.

    I need the content of your config.yml file as well as a complete log from the server starts up to the errors are shown in log.

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  • Forge_User_06019889 posted a comment Aug 23, 2015

    Here are the config.yml and the log of the server start + the groups idk if im doing some mistake there. And i have a suggestion to make for the next update, cuz we wore like working on what can u do when there is a protected area by the block and we found that u can sticky piston the wall of the protected area.(If u like i can make a short vid about it)By the way, i tryed some flags"lava-flow, water-flow, etc and they wore not working. Config.yml - Server Log File - GroupManager world/groups -

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