Needs some Protection Stones features #42

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  • _ForgeUser8309372 created this issue Aug 15, 2015

    Players should be able to use any ordinary ore (as defined in the cfg)

    Claim size to be set in the cfg file.

    Able to define multiple ores (different claim areas)

    I do not want them only available from a shop.

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  • _ForgeUser16143878 posted a comment Aug 16, 2015

    I like the idea of freedom to use predefined special blocks with dependency on lore or name or just have default blocks to act as a protection block.

    In relation to
    I would like to see this. So there is no need to create a special command within Libelula Protection Blocks.
    Just predefine in config something like this:

    - Diamondore (or with block ID)
      name: Small protection
      lore: Put it to the ground!

    Leave name and lore blank to allow default blocks to be a protection block.

    This way they could be sold or given to players in various ways like with 3rd party plugins that can sell/give players items with name/lore in multiple ways (signs, command, step forward and jump, whatever).

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  • Forge_User_06019889 posted a comment Sep 6, 2015

    That is a nice idea.A bit info on the lore would rlly help the players and the staff.Thumbs up

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