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This plugin is an extension for ChestShop (iConomyChestShop) plugin. It allows you to create admin shops just by breaking signs with the item you want to sell in your hand. The plugin ChestShop (iConomyChestShop) is amazing but to create a complete shopping for a server can be a nightmare. Sometimes we set wrong prices, we mess it with the quantities, etc. That's why I created this plugin.


  • The easiest and fastest way to create admin shops based on ChestShop (iConomyChestShop) for your servers.
  • Uses Essentials prices multiplied by a configurable factor.
  • Prices can be also set by parameters.
  • Uses the amount you have in hand.
  • Quantity can also be set by parameters.


First of all, this plugin is an extension of the famous ChestShop (iConomyChestShop) plugin and it uses Essentials prices, so it is meaningless without these two plugins.

Creating an Admin Shop

  1. Type /autoshop on in chat.
  2. Put the item you want to sell in your hand.
  3. Break a wall sign.

Admin Shop

The price will be taken from the Essentials database and will be multiplied by the configured factor.

Setting prices

As it uses Essentials, you have to use the /setworth command for set an item price. The plugin will multiply the sell-price by the configured factor and will calculate the total price for the amount of items you have.

On the other hand you can pass a price to the /autoshop command and it will be used for all items until you type /autoshop off

Some examples:

  • /autoshop on The amount will be equal to the amount you have in your hand, the price will be the same than /price command says multiplied by the factor and the amount.

Note: If an item has no price in Essentials database and you pass no price by parameter the shop will not be created, but don't panic. Just type /setworth <price> and try again.

  • /autoshop on 0 1.40 The amount will be equal to the amount you have in your hand, the price will be $1.40 for all items until you type /autoshop off
  • /autoshop on 15 1.40 The amount will be 15 and the price will be $1.40 for all items until you type /autoshop off



  • description: Toggles Shop creation.
  • usage: /autoshop [on|off] <quantity> <price>
  • permission: autoshop.create


The only one permission this plugin uses is autoshop.create.


It has only one variable to be configured, it is the multiplication factor of prices, by default it is 2.5:

price-factor: 2.5


Just drop the plugin and it dependencies into the server plugin folder and restart your server.




This plugin is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Please read about GPL License here

Suggestions and Issues

  • ENG: IMPORTANT: I will NOT accept issues in comments. DBO has an excellent ticket tracking system. If you found an error or want I make a modification to this plugin, please DO NOT write it in a comment. Just create a ticket and describe what you want.
  • ESP: IMPORTANTE: NO voy a aceptar incidencias en los comentarios. DBO tiene un excelente sistema de seguimiento de tiquets. Si has encontrado un error o quieres que haga una modificaci√≥n al plugin, por favor NO lo escribas en un comentario. Solo crea un tiquet y describe que quieres que haga.

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I'm a professional free software developer who made these plugins to pay my coffee, so please buy me a cup of coffee.

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