LevelHearts v1.2


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    Jul 4, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4
  • 1.7.2



  • Added: Displaying of particle effects when maximum health is increased or decreased (deactivatable)
  • Added: Auto-updating of configuration files: LevelHearts will check if a file is outdated and will attempt to update it (old configs from LevelHearts v0.1 can be imported, too!)
  • Added: Metrics support for collecting usage data for mcstats.org (see info on main page about this for disabling)
  • Added: Update checking to see if there is a new version of LevelHearts available on Bukkit Dev (see info on main page about this for disabling)
  • Fixed: Command "/levelhearts reload" no longer causes errors when health / maximum health is changed afterwards
  • Fixed: Default maximum health under 10 hearts now applies properly
  • Added: Option to disable increase of maximum health on levelup by setting "maxHealth.levelInterval" to zero or to less than zero (in config.yml)
  • Improvement: Changed version numbering of LevelHearts to suit format X.Y.Z
  • Improvement: Craftbukkit 1.7.2 now works, too

Chat / Localization

  • Fixed: Console now will always use default value (English); Cyrillic symbols can now be used properly without the console not being able to display them on certain systems
  • Improvement: Chat messages used when a players health or maximum health is changed have been unified and simplified
  • Added: Cyrillic symbols and German umlauts can be written as format codes in lang.yml (see documentation for a list)
  • Improvement: When message is not found in lang.yml, LevelHearts will check if locally there is a translation available and use that one
  • Fixed: Syntax in commands can now be translated

Attention: Since this update LevelHearts contacts dev.bukkit.org and mcstats.org! This is used to check for updates and collect statistics data. For more information on this visit the main page of LevelHearts

Currently no bugs

Bugs, Planned Features and more at Bitbucket Issue Tracker