LegendQuest v1.5.9 (zip pack)


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    Mar 3, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


Beta Release.

Fixed PvP blocking.
Fix skill points for single class characters Fix MP regain for single class characters
Made database keep-alive interval optional. Fixed various default skills. Optimised database open check before writing. Updated support for factions to 2.7.1
Scoreboard Skill cooldowns. Cooldown timers in text messages. Admin reset command ("/lq admin reset <playername>" use wisely!) Admin karma command (/lq karma <playername> <amount>) Class info command + class descriptions Race info command + race descriptions Party command (/party <name> to create>, /party join <name> to request, /party accept <playername> to accept request.) Per player persistent datastore Combat bonus if higher Combat bonus defence is blocking Adjustable base target for attack defence rolls. XP gain setting per skill (default 0) Optional money cost per use for each skill. Optional cost for class switching Optional race switching - adjustable xp loss and cost.
Many many changes. Fix inverted combat hit chances Prevent ranged skills targeting skill user Rewrite skills to ensure unique instance per player (fixes aura and build up times) New ranged combat hit bonus to balance ranged attacks.
/New command: Skill Info <skillname> Reduced info on /stats. Added /stats full [name] for full info. Added colour code processing to configs. Prevent dodge mechanic causing negative damage. Allow description in skill configs Bugfix: allow armour removal Bugfix: allow food and bow right click.
baseSpeed and speedModifier for races and classes. Added /unlink command Prevent multiple death notices Added flag to stop sql logging Added log level option Fixed scaleXP command Prevent doubling of XP collection Stop passive skills triggering until level reached Bypass race selection if one race. Added SLOWBLEED effect Effect removal system for skill use. Get target utility methods for skills to target entities looked at. Detect right-click armour equipping. Added verbosestats and disablestats options.
Include "utility" items in ANY tools settings. Improved fishing event detection. Fix issues with 0 karma values.
Admin command, Added Scale XP option to reduce XP. Chat prefix options.. New Events - Display current stat modifier in /stats See http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/legendquest/forum/legendquest/general/67219-beta-testing/#p1 for more details.
Soft depend on LQSkills to allow it to run first and deploy skills jar
Update UUID field length to 36 to allow for pesky dashes (MySQL fix)
manaPerSecond now allows fractional amounts
Rebuild skills check on levelup and class or race change
Round health to 2 decimal places. Fix errors when maxhealth drops (class change)
Added skill dependency system
Fix spent skill points tracking
Better /skill buy handling
Allow empty skill file.
Add in string constants for missing race/class.: Add default perms for "plural" commands.
Option to track HP for non-LQ worlds
Finish effect system for 1.3 skills pack.
Effect System.
Fix skill alias default skills settings usage.
Added per world option to main config (worlds: []) leave empty for all.
Added skill alias system.
Moved MAX_LEVEL to main config.
Initial Beta release

Requires 1.7.9-R0.1+ and SQLibrary

Also note that SQLibrary currently requires Java 7 - you can find a Java 6 version here... http://ci.dakanilabs.com/job/SQLibrary-Java6/

Also Also note that Cauldron does not package with SQLite libraries that SQLibrary needs to run.