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Compatible with craftbukkit-1.8/spigot-1.8, 1.8.3 and 1.8.4 builds (as well as 1.7.9)

Checkout the new LegendQuest addons:
ManaBar: An always visible ManaBar on the GUI
MagicItems: MagicItems that modify stats and have classic +X enchants, as well as a customisable RPG friendly enchanting overhaul, and 3 new skills for working with items.

LegendQuest was created to power SableCraft's RPG servers, and with it players are able to become heroes and shape their character with a wide range of races, classes and skills.

LegendQuest is designed from the beginning to be completely configurable, highly flexible, and totally adaptable to your needs. Consisting of a system of configurable races, classes and skills. LegendQuest is the core of your servers RPG setup, and powers all your RPG elements.

Server owners have the option of completely customising their RPG setup.
Want to go high fantasy Tolkien style? Setup Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarfs and Hobbit races, with fighter, mage, bard, ranger and more as classes.
Want a modern setting? Turn of races, and setup classes for mercenary, merchant, soldier, etc. Or use "race" for a body type - Brute, Athletic, Intelect...
Want a more classic MineCraft feel - Make races for Human, Ender, Wither and Pigmen. And classes for miner, farmer, hunter, crafter...

It's your RPG experience - your way.

As characters gain experience, they can gain more skills, health, mana. Either unlocking skills automatically as they level up - or by earning skill points to choose the skills they want. Its up to you the server owner which system to use, you can even mix and match both.

More importantly, each class and race can have limits placed on allowed, weapons, tools, armour and "abilities" such as crafting, smelting, enchanting, repairing etc... And you can (per class/race) turn them on/off, use the inbuilt groups (or add your own) to quickly give sets of allows, or control down to specific item at individual levels, as general or as detailed as you need.

LegendQuest also lets you use other plugins as skills by setting and removing permissions nodes and issuing commands complete with delays, build-ups, duration, cooldown, mana cost, cash, karma and material costs! Way beyond the simple on/off mechanisms of other systems.

For example this config lets you use essentials Fly, Jump and Workbench commands as skills:

        level: 0
        cost: 0
        perm: essentials.teleport.timer.bypass
        type: PASSIVE
        level: 0
        cost: 0
        cooldown: 6000
        perm: essentials.workbench
        command: workbench
        level: 10
        cost: 0
        buildup: 1000
        delay: 1000
        cooldown: 20000
        duration: 10000
        consumes: FEATHER
        perm: essentials.fly
        commandon: "fly on"
        commandoff: "fly off"
        level: 0
        cost: 5
        cooldown: 6000
        delay: 1000
        buildup: 1000
        perm: essentials.jump
        command: jump

You can read more indeph info here.


Complete, configurable RPG plugin.
Advance your characters by earning experience.
Completely configurable classes, races and skills.
Alignment tracking - are you being good, or evil?
Easy setup - drop in the jar, and go! Run with the default setup - or go wild with your own settings!

Feature Details

This plugin is now out of Beta (yay!) and has the following features...

  • Configure LQ to work only in selected worlds, if required
Stats + levels
  • Classic RPG stat-line for all players
  • Adjusts many game elements especially combat
  • /stats command to view your stats, optionally view others
  • Optional '/stats journal' to spawn a Journal book, that updates to always show your stats.
  • Unlock skills, stats, health, mana, mana regen, item use, and many more as you level up
  • Configurable max level to allow mastery of a class and unlock other dependant classes.
  • Block repair level loss and (with MagicItems enchanting level loss).
  • Configurable xp loss on death.
Classes and races
  • Permissions nodes to allow limitation of races and classes to certain player groups
  • Stat mods for each class/race. Make your figters stronger, mages more wise, rouges more dexterous, dwarves more tough...
  • Customise race and class names, chat tags and descriptions
  • Configure ex gains by exp type such as kills, smelting and mining.
  • Optional use of race types in your server.
  • Fully customisable by adding/removing/editing config file for each race.
  • Adjustable base health, mana, mana regen and skill points per race
  • Adjustable mana, health and skill points bonus per level
  • Optional use of Class types in your server.
  • Fully customisable by adding/removing/editing config file for each class.
  • Each class can be limited to one or more races.
  • Dual class system with option to limit class to prime or secondary.
  • Flexible dependency system allowing you to build complex class-paths, from simple parent > child to sprawling chains with multiple requirements and optional lists.
  • Health, mana and skill point modifiers per class to further modify base given by health
  • Further adjustable mana, health and skill points bonus per level
Item control
  • Control weapons, tools, and armour user per race and class.
  • With flexible overrides and per level item control.
  • Control item use per level, for crafting, repairing, smelting, brewing and enchanting
  • Use global race and class controls, item groups, or per item per level control. As broad or as complex as you want.
  • Each class and race can allow either unlocking classes at various levels OR accumulate skill points to allow players to select from a list of skills for each class/race.
  • 58 skills and counting - most with numerous configuration options. For example Summon can summon any one of over 40 Entities, Hurt can be used to produce any number of ranged damage options and Hex; Aura; PassiveAura and Enchant can be used with any of 28 effects - that's 152 variants from just 5 skills without breaking a sweat :)
  • Where appropriate skills can have build-ups, delays, durations, cooldowns, manacosts, permissions requirements, consume items, give xP, cost money and more!
  • Use skills with /skill <skillname> - by /link to an item (or /bind) or via the flexible loudouts system.
  • Native skills use a jar loading system to allow developers to code new skills and drop the jar in the skills folder. You can even package bundles of skills in one jar package.
  • Reuse any skill with multiple alias' to perform different effects
  • Flexible weaponmaster skill allows configuration of damage per item per level.
Permission skills
  • Either add permissions nodes as you level, or go the phole hog and use a permskill to allow any permissions node (or nodes) to be used solo in combination with a command or a start and stop command pair - to use 3rd party plugins as skills.
  • Lets use use almost any permission based plugin as a skill. Complete with all the LQ skills power; cooldowns, delays, build-ups, durations, mana costs,
  • Can provide passive always on effects, or active skills that use /skills <name> and can be /link'ed to an item or used in loadouts just like 'regular' LQ skills.
  • your class, race level and optionally karma and stats are added as permissions nodes.
  • Excellent for use with plugins like Quests to lock a quest to a class/race.
Mechanics and Combat
  • Global scaling for falling damage
  • Combat system - Your statline will affect how often you hit, dodge and damage in combat.
  • Configurable base hit chance, dodge change, block chance, height bonus and size difference modifiers.
  • Health scale cap to limit hearts shown in client - even with extreme health levels.
  • Mana system for powering skills. Adjustable per race/class/level and with configurable regeneration.
  • Optionally, replace or reduce repair levels and add a money cost, item cost and/or mana cost
  • Renaming blacklist to protect custom items
loadouts - (NEW)
  • Specify class items to use to quickly select and use skills.
  • left click with one item to toggle skill selected
  • right click with another (or even same item) to use selected skill
  • Your deeds count!
  • Option to track players actions and reward or remove alignment points as appropriate.
  • Now with optional kamra rewards, penalties or requirements for skills.
  • Use SQLite or MySQL for data storage.
  • Join with friend to share experience, give/receive buffs, stop PvP and teleport back to your group :)
  • Adjustable Bonus XP for groups
  • Adjustable party range
  • party tp command to take you to where the "bulk" of your party is adventuring.
  • Built in chat prefix system
  • or use your own and allow LQ to process {class} and {race}
  • chattags for shorter char prefix tags.
  • MChat and deluxe chat integration
  • LQ has many many events and a flexible PC (player character) object to make coding addons and skills highly flexible.


The following plugin API's add extra optional features:

  • Vault - each skill can have a monetary cost applied.
  • Factions - prevents some skills causing PvP damage and altering blocks in rival factions.
  • GriefPrevention - prevents some skills causing PvP damage and altering blocks in other players claims without permissions.
  • Towny - prevents some skills causing PvP damage and altering blocks in rival towns/plots.
  • MChat - adds variables for use in MChat formats.
  • Deluxechat Placeholders. See list of available codes here.
  • WorldGuard - honour no PvP and protected regions.

Planned updates:

  • CityWorld - because I can, because it's awesome ;) - mainly thinking detection of nature zones for ranger bonus's and urban zones.
  • AntiCheat - So skills don't trigger cheat warnings. (You can always use perms to add the exceptions :) )

Please feel free to leave feedback - and let me know what you want to see in this RPG plugin.


See the following pages for help on each aspect of LegendQuest config and usage.


CraftBukkit 1.7.9+ / Spigot 1.8.1+
SQLibrary For database persistence.

Please note that LegendQuest is built against Bukkit and is NMS/OBC free. Minecraft updates should not affect LegendQuest, only Bukkit API changes. This should make things much simpler during updates. (Each extra skill jar may or may not be NMS free.)

Source code



Donate now to help keep LegendQuest alive :)
If you love LQ and use it on your server, especially if your server is generating an income, then please think of us and help us keep LegendQuest alive up to date!
You can support me via Patreon at https:www.patreon.com/sablednah
You can donate via PayPal (in £) - PayPal (in $) 

Custom skills are also available on request, whether its something bespoke, or just adding particle effects - PM me for details


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