Add four new weapons to your minecraft server. Each of these weapons have their own recipe and specific effects and attacks. Will you craft the LightningAxe or do you want the PhoenixSword? Is the EarthquakeShovel more your type or do you want the OceanicHoe? Or are you the chosen one to wield the Stick of Truth? It's all up to you with these new possibilities! They look just like ordinary weapons but you might just find the a little more prestigious since they all do something different.
The LightningAxe will strike lightning at your foes but when you hit a player slowness will also be applied. When hit by lightning you have to recover right?
The PhoenixSword will put players on fire but when you hit a mob it'll create a 1x1 lava pool to let the mob burn to death. When you interact with the environment it will put blocks on fire, except for blocks that are on the blacklist (see: Configuration).
The EarthquakeShovel will create explosions wherever you hit, but if the do block damage can be configured in the config.yml (see: Configuration). When you hit a mob it will create a 1x1 dirt tower with the mob on top of it, so the mob will get falling damage. However when you use this inside, you won't be able to do this. When you hit a player, blindness will be applied because of all the dirt in their eyes.
The OceanicHoe will create water wherever you interact (except for items on the blacklist) and will create a 1x1 water pool when you hit mobs. It's easier to hit them that way. When you hit a player, poison will be applied for a short time.
The Stick of Truth will give players the ultimate power to destroy an entire player army! Not only will you hit with an incredible power, you're also possible to spawn mob portals at will!
Download LegendaryArmor for even more possibilities!


- http://minecraftrecipedesigner.com/creations/15114.png - http://minecraftrecipedesigner.com/creations/15122.png
- http://minecraftrecipedesigner.com/creations/122889.png - http://minecraftrecipedesigner.com/creations/15125.png
- http://minecraftrecipedesigner.com/creations/122888.png

For advanced recipes, look here.


/weapons: Show all magical weapons that can be crafted.
/lwreload: Reload this plugin.


lw.use.*: Gives access to all lw commands.
lw.use.weapons: Allows you to view the legendary weapons.
lw.use.lwreload: Allows you to reload this plugin.
lw.use.lightningaxe: Allows you to craft the legendary LightningAxe.
lw.use.phoenixsword: Allows you to craft the legendary PhoenixSword.
lw.use.earthquakeshovel: Allows you to craft the legendary EarthquakeShovel.
lw.use.oceanichoe: Allows you to craft the legendary OceanicHoe.


firebylightningaxe: Can lightning set fire to blocks. True or false.
damagebyexplosion: Can an explosion by the EarthquakeShovel do block damage. True or false.
blacklist: Items not affected by legendary weapons. Separated by a comma and no spaces. If the item name has a space it becomes an underscore.
range: Range of the environmental attack of a legendary weapon.
lightning: define the main ingredient for the LightningAxe.
earthquake: define the main ingredient for the PhoenixSword.
phoenix: define the main ingredient for the EarthquakeShovel.
oceanic: define the main ingredient for the OceanicHoe.
Make sure this item exists, a list of all possible items: http://jd.bukkit.org/rb/apidocs/org/bukkit/Material.html

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