Basic Guide

Quick Instructions:

This is just a quick guide to this plugin's usage.

Usage Steps

1. Drop into plugin file (because you never would have guessed that). Included is an arbitrary script file.
2. Run once (allows creation of config)
3. Change expFormula to equal custom.js (or whatever you rename the script file.)
4. Learn Javascript (see "Learn Javascript" section)
5. Go to Plugin/legacyexp/scripts
6. Modify the script to your liking. If you rename the script, go back to step 3.
6. ??????
7. PROFIT!!!!!!!

Learning Javascript

Javascript is often easier than people expect it to be. These guides should help get you started.


These links should help you learn (more or less) everything you need to know about Javascript to work with this plugin.

6. (if shortened links scare you, feel free to reverse the URL)

Math Things

This chart should give you insight into the basics of Javascript math.

Operator / FunctionExampleExample's SolutionPlain English Name
+1 + 23Plus
-3 - 21Minus
*2 * 36Multiply
/6 / 23Divide
Math.pow(x, y)Math.pow(3, 2)9Exponent


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