If you are upgrading from a previous <2.0 version of Legacy, please remove your old config.yml before installing.

Legacy v2.1

Legacy keeps track of each player's time spent in your server. Similar to the "/played" command found in MMO games like World of Warcraft, you can now check the time of yourself and other players. The time is displayed in days, hours, and minutes, however the configuration file is accurate up to the second. Legacy is very light-weight and requires zero configuration, except simple permissions.


  • Keeps track of each player's game time
  • Pauses game time if player is idle
  • Display your time or another player's time
  • Display leaderboard of top players

Comments, suggestions, or bug reports post below, or to the GitHub page.


Special thanks to exload for idea/concept and testing contributions and vioCode for the initial implementation and maintainment.

Command Permission Description
/legacy legacy.check Displays your time on the server
/legacy (player) legacy.others Displays another player's time on the server
/legacy [top] legacy.top Displays top 10 players based on time
/legacy [total] legacy.top Displays total time of all players combined
/legacy [reload] legacy.reload Reloads configuration files


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