Do you run a server with so many plugins that is just a hassle to keep them all updated? Well with our "patent pending" new plugin, LazyUpdate, you never need to worry again! Simply set up the config and your ready to go, using simple commands to update specific plugins or having it update them all at once. So act now! Our mole-men are working hard so YOU don't have to!


  • Update plugins to their latest version automaticly.
  • Updated plugins are downloaded to a seperate folder for easy movement.
  • Update a single plugin or all of them at once.
  • Auto-Update all your plugins when the server starts.


Command: lazyupdate, lazyup, lupdate, lup Update Permission: lazyupdate.update

  • /lazyupdate help - Displays help menu
  • /lazyupdate all - Updates all plugins the server is running
  • /lazyupdate <plugin name> - Updates plugin with specified name

Command: lazycheck, lazychk, lcheck, lchk Check Permission: lazyupdate.check

  • /lazycheck help - Displays help menu
  • /lazycheck all - Checks for latest version on all plugins
  • /lazyupdate <plugin name> - Updates plugin with specified name

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