Lava Survival

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You may have played the game Lava Survival.

You are all in a area that you can not leave, You have so and so seconds before the lava pours in. When the lava comes in, If you die. You lose.

You must outlive the lava.

The object is to build your little base, And don't die to the lava.

My goal is to replicate this.

You will start in a enclosed area which could either be surrounded by a unbreakable block. Or thin air you can not build in.

The players have a custom defined amount of time to prepare for the game to start. Then lava is spawned in 4 random points of the roof. The height limit will be limited to 128.

You can choose if lava can rise vertically or just horizontally.

I also want to add a "block melting" factor. This is where certain blocks melt after so and so long exposed to the lava.

I want to add a few API's for this such as Game starting, Game ending.

There is also an option for players to spectate, They are invisible and unable to effect the world but by talking. This can be turned off in config.

You can also choose in the config which blocks to act like it is air. You can also choose how fast it spreads


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